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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marines conduct JROTC inspections

By Pamela Jackson | | November 14, 2013


Westover High School Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps unit held their annual inspection, Oct. 24. 

As the 145 cadets filed onto the baseball field, eight senior Marines assigned to Marine Corps Logistics Command stood ready with their inspection clipboards in hand.

The cadets were separated into six platoons and a color guard detail with each having their uniforms carefully inspected. 

As part of the inspection, each cadet was asked a series of questions pertaining to rank structure, chain of command, military history and leadership.

Staff Sgt. Juana L. Snell, equal opportunity advisor, MARCORLOGCOM, said she was excited to volunteer because although there are a lot of opportunities for Marines to come out and support the high school students, it is rare they get to inspect cadets.

“It’s a great opportunity not only for cadets to learn something new from us, but for us to learn something about them, help with their inspections and watch them drill,” she said.  “It’s amazing to watch them because having been a Marine for 11 years, I realize they are the future of our Corps.  These will be potential Marines one day and I’m excited to be a part of their evolution.”

Cadet PFC Eric Brown, a 10th grade student, said this is his first year in JROTC. Brown joined because he wants a career in the Air Force or Marine Corps after completing high school. 

“My cousin is a Marine and being a part of Junior Reserved Officers Training Corps gives me some idea of what to expect when I join,” he said.  “I like seeing the Marines here with us and look forward to being in the military when I graduate.”

Another cadet, Lance Cpl. Amber Hanks, a 10th grade student who plans to be a lawyer, said she was inspired to join JROTC two years ago because her brother is in the Navy.

“I enjoy being in Junior Reserved Officers Training Corps because I’m learning self-discipline, self-respect and to always do the right things, even when no one is looking,” she added. 

Maj. Mitchel Carthon, senior Marine instructor, WHS, said he was pleased so many Marines came out to assist with the bi-annual inspector general inspection required for their JROTC program.

“The cadets are being inspected on their uniforms and personal appearance with two platoons conducting armed and unarmed drill,” he explained.  “We will also have a color guard demonstration. I really appreciate the Marines coming to assist us. This is a great day and a great looking group of cadets, some of whom are ready to step up to the plate and serve their country after graduation.”