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Department of the Navy addresses emergency furlough questions

By Department of the Navy | | October 10, 2013


Editor’s Note: Department of the Navy has issued the referenced information to address some of the Emergency Furlough - Lapse in Appropriations questions.


During a shutdown furlough, the Department of the Navy is required to shut down any activities funded by annual appropriations that are not excepted by law.

Shutdown furloughs may occur at the beginning of a fiscal year if no funds have been appropriated or with the expiration of a continuing resolution.

The following questions/answers focus on an unplanned emergency/shutdown furlough:

 Q: What is POMA?

A: The Pay Our Military Act is a bill passed by congress and approved by the president, which provides pay and allowances to certain members of Department of Defense's civilian employees who provide support to members of the armed forces. (It is not an appropriations bill.) The passing of POMA allowed DoD and the DON to recall employees who fall within the scope of this provision.


Q: How does POMA affect pay during the furlough?

A: Furloughed employees recalled by POMA will get paid for the days worked since the employee was recalled back to work. For many employees, this began Monday.


Q: Will employees get back pay for the time they were furloughed between Oct. 1-4?

A: There is legislation proposed to provide back pay for civilian employees impacted by the shutdown furlough. If approved, then employees will receive back pay for their furlough time. The back pay would be paid after approval of fiscal year 2014 appropriations bill or a continuing resolution.


Q: What about leave - annual leave or sick leave due to the furlough?

A: If the retroactive pay legislation is approved, leave, along with back pay, will be restored after the approval of an FY14 appropriations bill or Continuing Resolution.


Q: Can excepted employees take annual and sick leave during the shutdown under POMA? How should they code their time card?

A: As a result of DoD guidance related to POMA, excepted employees may take annual and sick leave during the partial shutdown. Employees should record their time as they normally would absent a partial shutdown.


Q: Will furloughed employees get paid Friday?

A: Excepted employees who worked from the onset of the shutdown furlough will receive their regular pay Friday. Employees who were furloughed Oct. 1-4 will receive pay through Sept. 30. If retroactive pay is granted by Congress and the president, employees will receive back pay for their time.


For more information, visit www.donhr.navy.mil (emergency shutdown link) or www.opm.gov.