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Payroll employee retires after 28-year career

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | July 12, 2013

Janice Holt, financial technician, Civilian Payroll Liaison Office, Office of the Comptroller, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, was retired June 26 during a ceremony held in the Carson Conference Room, here.
Holt retired after serving 28 years, having spent most of her time in the Civilian Payroll Liaison Office.
Col. Don J. Davis, commanding officer, MCLB Albany, the retiring official said, “I want to say on behalf of everyone, thank you for your service to your country, the Marine Corps and to us as a family.”
Davis presented Holt with an American flag, which was flown over Coffman Hall, MCLB Albany Headquarters; a Certificate of Commendation and a Certificate of Appreciation for her dedicated service.
Holt was instrumental in ensuring the proper maintenance of pay records for more than 1,500 personnel and her expertise in federal law for leave administration has been stellar in providing the optimum support to all employees, according to the Certificate of Commendation citation.
A federal employee since June 24, 1985, Holt began working for the federal government as a temporary clerk typist with Resident Officer-in-Charge of Construction, Public Works Branch in the Facilities and Services Division, MCLB Albany.
Holt, a native of Doerun, Ga., held two additional positions within the Public Works Branch, as a secretary, which was her first permanent government job in August 1986, and a procurement clerk.
In 1989, Holt transferred to MCLB Albany’s Civilian Payroll Office. Throughout her career, she held several positions including payroll clerk, retirement clerk, lead payroll clerk and financial technician.
Holt recalled having to do most of her payroll job manually, inputting data on leave cards and mailing out leave and earning statements.
In addition, Holt witnessed the implementation of computerized records during the consolidation with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service and the Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application, the current timekeeping system.
The implementation of the SLDCADA was successful because of Holt’s dedication as the lead implementation civilian payroll technician, according to the Certificate of Commendation citation.
Juan M. Escovar, safety technician, Risk Management Office, MCLB Albany, described Holt as having the discipline, punctuality and trust of a Marine and the patience, concern and heart of a caring mom.
“She would unselfishly share her knowledge and experience not only of work-related situations but other things such as the Bible,” he said. “I found her to be a mentor, friend, spiritual counselor and an example of excellence in everything she did.”
Escovar, who worked in the Payroll Office for three years, said Holt made an impact on his life.
“She is the reason why I chose my career move,” he said. “She showed me how the smallest details can make a big difference in someone’s life.”
Gene Pilkey, comptroller, MCLB Albany, described Holt as the backbone that held the Civilian Payroll Liaison Office together during hard times.
“The Civilian Payroll Liaison Office didn’t miss a beat when two technicians retired leaving her to service more than 3,000 customers,” Pilkey said. “She always maintained a ‘can do’ attitude when faced with challenges. She was always the first to say, ‘We can handle this, no big deal.’
“She has always provided exceptional customer service as proven by the numerous Interactive Customer Evaluation comments, emails and phone calls received about her superior customer service from all commands that she serviced,” he added.
Pilkey said Holt is 100 percent Civilian-Marine and she will definitely be missed.
Holt said she will miss assisting and interacting with her customers.
“I loved my job and I loved what I did,” Holt said with tears in her eyes. “I enjoyed working with all the people, which I call my friends, I came in contact with. I will miss the personal contacts and the opportunities to provide the service they needed.
“It’s all about customer service,” she said. “If everyone would take time to help one person out each day, the world would be a better place. The blessings are yours.”
Holt’s retirement plans include taking vacations, working on several projects around her house and spending time with her family and grandchildren.