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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base announces impact of furlough support

By The Emblem Staff | | July 9, 2013

Editor’s note: The below article is provided by Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials.
Due to congressionally mandated budget reductions, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany will begin furloughing civilian employees Monday.
For base employees, the standard furlough day will be each Monday, for 11 consecutive weeks, through Sept. 16. On those Mondays, the majority of civil servants, minus fire and police departments, will not report to work and customers should not expect to receive normal support.
Active-duty service members are not affected by the furlough.
The exception, due to the Labor Day holiday, is that two furlough days will be taken August 26 and 30.
Tenant commands aboard the base may have differing schedules.
The Naval Branch Health Clinic civilian employees will be furloughed on Mondays.
The one significant expectation is that the Commissary will be closed on Tuesdays during the 11-week furlough period, meaning those services will be available to authorized patrons Wednesday through Saturday only.
The list below is provided to assist customers in determining what services will be affected. If it is not listed below, patrons can expect normal support and hours, i.e. the Marine Corps Exchange and base restaurant, etc.
Generally speaking, the first nine services affect all base patrons, to include retirees, while the remaining ones affect base and tenant personnel.
It is possible that additional customer and family services delays may occur.
Additionally, sequestration budgetary challenges have increased the costs of some services such as barber shops, and certain seasonal swimming pools.
Finally, these scheduled closures and periods of reduced hours are subject to change base on future fiscal decisions made by the federal government.
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