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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCLC capabilities extend across Marine Corps

By Brandon L. Saunders | | June 6, 2013

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - Marine Corps Logistics Command has a continuing presence in each Marine Expeditionary Force to provide logistics support to the warfighter.
While not all of MCLC’s services are available throughout the Marine Corps, MCLC personnel still offer operational logistics solutions.
“By having MCLC personnel co-located within the Marine Expeditionary Forces, we are able to better understand (and) meet MEF support requirements, as well as provide MCLC leadership firsthand feedback on how effective we are supporting the warfighter,” Luis Garza, director of MEF Support Division, MCLC, said.
For example, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., houses the Corrosion Repair Facility which allows for MCLC personnel to refurbish ground tactical and support equipment. The facility, which opened in 2007, is an added capability of MCLC’s I MEF support.
Tactical vehicles in need of minor repairs, paint, and bodywork can be restored in a timely manner and returned to their respective units.
“Responsive and effective support services free up Marines to focus on more important things such as daily operations or training,” Garza said.
In addition to this facility, the Repairable Issue Point has a similar function, but for much smaller gear. As opposed to tactical vehicles, the RIP services secondary repairables - everything from engines to radios.
Other services such as the Individual Issue Facility, afford Marines and Sailors the opportunity to receive their necessary individual tactical equipment, including combat packs, load bearing vests, gas masks, etc.
This is a necessary service, which directly supports the warfighter since each such gear is used during training evolutions, humanitarian aid missions and combat deployments, according to Garza.
“MCLC further improves our global support by continuing to look for opportunities to improve existing support, as well as being proactive in developing new support capabilities options,” Garza said.
In providing global support to the warfighter, Marines and Sailors are given a better opportunity to have the necessary equipment needed to complete their mission wherever MCLC services are present.