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Pursuit Youth Expo teaches life skills

By Erin Walkey | | May 23, 2013

To teach teens various life skills, Marine Corps Family Team Building and the Volunteer and Career Development Program are hosting their first Pursuit Youth Expo, here, May 30 - 31 and June 4 from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
The slogan for this event is “your goals, your life, your future,” and registration for this event is due Friday.
Connecting youth to work, volunteer, and with intern opportunities, the Pursuit Youth Expo is a youth-centered, three-day workshop series that encourages exploration, promotes self-discovery and inspires action, according to Nikki Onuska, volunteer and career development coordinator.
Students, ages 13 to 18, are able to participate. They must be a child of an active-duty, reservist, retired or veteran service member with base access.
On May 30 and 31 the event will be held at the old Band Hall, Building 7100, and June 4 the event will be held at the Base Theater.
Onuska believes that service is the ultimate key to helping youth and the event will help them learn about the importance of service in their community.
“There are many personal, academic and professional benefits to serving others and the community,” Onuska said. “Service gives students the opportunity to learn and apply concepts concerning people, places, theories, cultures and society in ways the classroom environment does not.”
Many interactive workshops and activities are planned for the students. Some examples are networking 101 and building one-minute commercials.
The Pursuit Youth Expo was developed in Monterey, Calif., in collaboration with Community of Caring Monterey Peninsula, a non-profit organization Onuska interned with in college, she said.
“They gave me the permission to continue and implement the brand and event here at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, hoping our teens will benefit from the experience (as did more than) 400 high school and college students from Monterey County,” she said.
Onuska feels that Albany has many opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference.
“I believe Albany has a lot of potential to grow with the help of its young people, but first we have the responsibility to give youth the resources and skills they need to make the difference this community needs,” she noted.
Volunteers, who are professional leaders, are still needed in the role of group facilitator or lunchtime mentor.
A group facilitator will lead discussions during workshops, encourage students to share their insights, inspire youth to make a difference and emphasize service as an important factor to growth in life. These mentors are needed for May 30 and 31.
A lunchtime mentor will discuss goals, interests and develop close relationships with the mentee as well as share personal insights and obstacles faced to reach his or her current success. These mentors are needed for May 31.
For more information about this event and volunteer opportunities, call Onuska at 229-639-7940 or email her at volunteermclba@gmail.com or Nicole.a.onuska@usmc-mccs.org.