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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Employee wins logo competition

By Joycelyn Biggs | | April 24, 2013

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s Command Inspector General, Donnie Baggs, recently won a logo competition sponsored by the 2013 Region IV Volunteer Protection Program Participants’ Chapter Association Conference. This is Baggs’ second time winning the competition. His first win was in 2011.
The Region IV VPPPA, which covers eight different states, is scheduled to hold its conference at Myrtle Beach, S.C., June 18-20.
Baggs said when he thought about the city, his vision was to represent the beach.
“The beach is what makes Myrtle Beach,” he said. “Once I have an idea for a logo, it doesn’t take me long to create a design.”
Baggs’ logo, themed “Surf’s Up With Safety,” has two Palmatto trees, South Carolina’s official tree, framing a brightly-colored sun and water waves.
His logo will be used on lapel pins and promotional materials during the conference.
“Whenever I win a competition, I have represented the base,” he said. “Winning helps me gauge my skills against other artists.”
It’s not about the prizes, but more about people appreciating the work, Baggs said.
Donna Chalmers, risk management, MCLB Albany, attended the 2011 conference and wears Baggs’ winning lapel pin on her VPP lanyard she wears to work. “His work is awesome,” she said. “His art is so detailed and creative.”
Although Baggs did not win in 2012, he explained he was able to determine why his design was not chosen and adjusted his strategy this year. With those adjustments, he again won the competition.
“Before I entered the competition, the same guy won for five or seven years in a row,” Baggs said.
People entering the base can see an example of Baggs’ graphic art. He designed the MCLB Albany 60-year anniversary banner, which is displayed at the front and back entrances to the base.
Baggs also designed the logo for the inaugural 2012 Dirty Devil Dog Mud Run.
When Baggs revealed his design for the run, he said the commanders’ response was that’s exactly what I’m looking for.
“That’s my satisfaction right there,” he said. “I’ll keep doing this until I get tired of it.”