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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Assistant commandant of the Marine Corps visits Marine Corps Logistics Command

By Sgt. Brandon L. Saunders | | February 27, 2013

Gen. John M. Paxton Jr., assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, visited Marine Corps Logistics Command and received a tour of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Feb. 21.
The purpose of the visit was for the Marine Corps’ second highest-ranking officer to get a firsthand view of the current operations within the command and gain insight on future plans.
“General Paxton felt as though it was important to see the work of Marine Corps Logistics Command and understand the scope of what we do here,” Col. Yori R. Escalante, chief of staff, MCLC, said.
After arriving in Albany, Paxton was greeted by Maj. Gen. Charles L. Hudson, commanding general, MCLC, and his staff. Hudson provided the assistant commandant with valuable knowledge about the importance of the command’s operations.
“The assistant commandant of the Marine Corps’ visit was good because it allows us to showcase what we do for the Marine Corps logistically,” Hudson said. “Since becoming the assistant commandant, it’s the first time he’s had an opportunity to see some of our many capabilities.”
During his busy schedule, which included a visit to Marine Depot Maintenance Command, Paxton took time to shake hands and speak with numerous service members and Civilian-Marines, thanking them for their contribution to the Corps.
Civilian-Marines Aubren Bischoff and James Chancellor received pins from Paxton honoring their 40 years of federal service.
“(Paxton’s) visit allowed us to provide information to him,” Hudson said. “He was able to interact with a lot of Marines, uniformed and civilian, during his time here.”
In addition to visiting Albany, Paxton spent time at Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Fla., to understand MCLC’s geostrategic capabilities, Hudson said.
With the knowledge gained through a series of briefings, as well as touring some of the facilities within the command, the assistant commandant can relay the information to the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
“The trip was beneficial because the assistant commandant can personally attest to the importance of the level of work done here,” Escalante said.