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Exercise cuts holiday stress

By Erin Walkey | | December 13, 2012

We are two proof positives that (exercising and healthy eating) work,” Ben Clark, a retired master sergeant, 65, said.
If a dictionary was opened to the word healthy, a picture of this married couple should show up.
Ben, and his wife ELois, 66, recently talked about how they overcame many obstacles to get their health on track.
They readily share their successes with anyone who will listen and offered tips on getting and staying healthy for the holidays.
“We made it our lifestyle,” ELois said. “We changed the way we ate and started to exercise and it has made all of the difference.”
Through the hustle and bustle of the season it is easy to lose track of being healthy.
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany experts stress there are still ways to stay in shape even with busy schedules.
First Lt. William Cook, lead asset manager, Communications and Information Systems Division, emphasized that setting a goal to exercise each week is a more motivating way to stay fit during the holidays.
Planning out a time to exercise before each day begins is a way to fit it into a busy schedule, he added.
There are many ways to schedule time-friendly workouts during a work day or at home, according to Rosa Calzada, personal trainer, Daniels Fitness Center.
She suggests using objects that are already around the office or home, such as soup cans, books and even your own body weight.
If time is available, try going to the gym, Calzada noted. Daniels Fitness Center here offers classes such as yoga, spinning, aerobics and aikido.
Four personal trainers are also available at the fitness center and services are free to active-duty military, Department of Defense employees and their families.
Exercising is a good and healthy way to relieve stress from work or home, Calzada said, noting it’s a good idea to try to take a 10- to 15- minute break and exercise whether a person is at home or at work.
She also recommended taking a light walk with family members or co-workers to clear a person’s mind and relax him or her.
Cook echoed Calzada’s sentiments about exercising during the day even when at work.
“Just stay active,” he said. “Walk around as much as you can during the day. “Stand at your desk instead of sitting.
“Exercise clears your mind and gets you out of that cubicle,” Cook added.
Calzada emphasized people should try making exercise a part of a weekly routine.
Exercise does not have to be for hours a day, every day of the week, she explained.
If a person does not have time for the gym, work outs can be done simply at a work desk or at home, Calzada advised.
“It can be done in small doses whenever time permits,” she said.
For more information on Daniels Fitness Center or to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer, call 229-639-6234.