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Corps changes female Marines’ PFT

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | November 30, 2012

Headquarters Marine Corps announced Tuesday that pull-ups will replace the flexed-arm hang for female Marines effective Jan. 1, 2014.
The change, released in All Marine Message 046/12, will take place in two phases, with phase one beginning Jan. 1, 2013.
Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to allow commanders and female Marines to adjust individual and unit training routines to prepare for implementation of the new requirements, according to the message.
The FAH will remain as part of the initial strength test conducted upon arrival at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C., and during PFTs at recruit training.
The FAH will also remain as part of the PFT for officer candidates in the selection process as well as in PFTs taken during Officer Candidates School.
During calendar year 2013, female Marines will have the option to choose pull-ups or the FAH on the PFT. The score from the chosen event will be used in calculation of the official PFT score.
Phase two will commence Jan. 1, 2014 and pull-ups will replace the FAH portion of the PFT.
Passing the PFT with pull-ups instead of the FAH will be a graduation requirement for recruits and officer candidates beginning Jan. 1, 2014.
Phase one scoring table for female Marines is as follows:
* Three pull-ups equal 40 points
* Four pull-ups equal 65 points
* Five pull-ups equal 75 points
* Six pull-ups equal 85 points
* Seven pull-ups equal 95 points
* Eight pull-ups equal 100 points
In order to pass the pull-up portion of the event, females Marines will be required to execute at least three pull-ups, according to the message.
“Female Marines are going to have to really start working on the pull-up portion and develop upper body strength,” Sgt. Maj. Conrad E. Potts, sergeant major, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, said. “I believe the female Marines will accept this challenge and do as all Marines do, exceed the expectations.”
As the data starts coming in, the Marine Corps will adjust the scoring tables for a more accurate assessment, Potts added.
A PFT change support website has been established at https://fitness.usmc.mil/pft. The website will contain a detailed, progressive workout plan with exercises designed to enhance pull-up performance and overall upper body strength, video demonstrations and other resources, according to the ALMAR.
Commanders are required to include pull-up training as a part of their units’ physical fitness programs for all Marines.
Additional coordinating instructions will follow in separate correspondence.