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Program analyst earns 2012 Base Employee of the Year title

By Marti Gatlin | | November 8, 2012

Lisa Simpson, program analyst, Operations and Training Division, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, received the base’s 2012 Employee of the Year Award, recently.
Simpson, one of 11 employees nominated for the recognition, received the award for workforce development, a new position within MCLB Albany. She plans and executes training and educational opportunities that foster personal and professional growth within the base’s workforce.
The program analyst coordinates all training within the base and helps to balance fiscal reality with customer wants and needs.
During the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, Simpson planned and executed training valued at more than $100,000. This provided the workforce with training opportunities not available in past years due in large part to her aggressively seeking those opportunities, according to her nomination, which was read during MCLB Albany’s Employee Recognition Day, Oct. 11, at Covella Pond.
She also monitors all budget requirements for the Operations and Training Division as well as maintains and forecasts training funds for the base to include tuition reimbursement programs.
“It made me feel really good (winning the award) because it was nice that people thought enough to vote for me,” Simpson said. “There are a bunch of good, talented people who work here, (who were nominated), so I’m sure it was hard on the managers to make a decision. I’ve worked with several of them on different occasions and I think we all just have a common attribute of having good work ethics and caring about what (we) do.”
She works almost daily with the training coordinators from every base organization in planning and executing training and educational opportunities for the workforce.
“I get a lot of support from the training coordinators as well as the managers and the Human Resources Office,” Simpson said. “They all provide exceptional support, which allows me to do what I need to do to succeed. I just like to help people and I like pointing people in the right direction (for assistance).”
Employed here nearly 23 years, Simpson began her career in December 1989. She has worked on the base side for nine years. Before she was a program analyst, Simpson served as the operations and plans specialist, Operations and Training Division, providing event coordination while executing training as her secondary role, whereas now the training is her primary focus.
“I work with a good group of people and in a great organization,” she said, noting what she hopes people will learn from her win is to be dedicated, work hard and help everybody. “We’re all here to support each other.”
Simpson worked at Maintenance Center Albany (currently Production Plant Albany) for 12 years before working with the Operations and Training Division.
“I have worked for a lot of good people on both sides, who have mentored me, which means a lot,” she said.
She is married to Randy Simpson, who works at Production Plant Albany. He recently won the 2012 Cost Work Center Employee of the Year Award and also won it in 2011. They have two daughters, Heather, 20, and Anna, 8.
In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family.
Kent Morrison, executive director, MCLB Albany, described Simpson’s achievements as what gave her the edge in winning the award.
“Every year we ask our directors to nominate the MCLB Employee of the Year,” he said. “We then vote and announce the winner at the annual employee recognition day. Lisa is an outstanding and deserving winner for her hard work as a program specialist in our Operations and Training Division. She has been the go-to person for all of the command’s training needs. I couldn’t be more pleased with our winner this year. I am very proud of her and her professionalism and dedication to the workforce of MCLB.”
Bob James, deputy director, Operations and Training Division, MCLB Albany, commended Simpson for winning the Employee of the Year honor.
“Lisa’s dedication and enthusiasm to her job is truly noteworthy and she sets the example for others to emulate,” he said. “She cares deeply about the quality of her work and helping others with their training and educational needs. I am blessed to have employees such as Lisa on our team and she is deserving of this recognition.”