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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Jane Wayne Day: Spouses receive small dose of military training

By Sgt. Brandon L. Saunders | | October 18, 2012


Spouses of service members and Department of Defense personnel stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany found themselves rising to the task of completing select Marine Corps training during Jane Wayne Day, Oct. 12.

Jane Wayne Day is designed for spouses and guests of service members to gain a better appreciation for, and understand, military training events and activities. Spouses and guests are afforded an opportunity to be pushed and trained by subject matter experts in different events.

“I feel as though the ladies and gentlemen involved are receiving an accurate taste of Marine Corps life,” Gunnery Sgt. Jason Mallard, company gunnery sergeant, Headquarters Company East, MCLC, said.

“This is my first Jane Wayne Day and it’s been fantastic,” Jennifer Vanston said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for bonding among the spouses and participants.”

This year’s Jane Wayne Day began with an indoctrination, which held elements of Marine Corps recruit training.

The spouses were taught the basic fundamentals of drill and applied them while making movements from various locations.

“(Jane Wayne Day) fosters a greater understanding, appreciation and perspective of the Marine Corps lifestyle,” Salina McBride, family readiness officer, MCLC, said.

Supervised by many former drill instructors, the authenticity of the training events was ensured as spouses conquered an obstacle course, rappel tower and pistol range.

“Today’s events were a huge success, which allowed our military spouses, along with Department of Defense personnel, to experience the various training events, which our Marines experience,” McBride said.

Marines and Sailors also supervised the different events in order to provide moral support and motivation to the participants.

 “At the end of the day, spouses realized that being a Marine takes a special individual,” McBride said.