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Lisa Jackson, Marine Corps Logistics Command Comptroller, oversees 68 staff members working in four areas: Appropriated Funds Division, Working Capital Funds Division, Resource Management Division, and Transportation Voucher and Certification Division.

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New LOGCOM comptroller

26 Jul 2012 | Marti Gatlin

All departments within Marine Corps Logistics Command are requested to call its newest comptroller for any needed fiscal support or assistance required.


Serving in her position for less than a month, Lisa Jackson emphasized she and her staff stands ready to help.

“Any financial matters they need support or assistance with I really advocate they call me up front to assist with planning whatever resource actions they have,” she said. “Our job in this department is to give them guidance and policies to lead them through whatever resource decisions they are trying to make so that we are in compliance and use the appropriate funding. My goal is to try to encourage people to reach out to the comptroller and my staff up front (because) safeguarding and controlling the funds becomes easier and we can manage it better up front.”

Formerly the director for Appropriated Funds Division, Programs and Resources Department, Logistics Command, Jackson has “oversight of the command’s funding to include all authorized funding — the operations and maintenance Marine Corps, which is one-year funding; working capital funds, which support Production Plant Albany and Production Plant Barstow, Calif.; and various other authorized funding that support either of those operations — Procurement Marine Corps, research and development funding, joint funding and funding from other services. My job is to maintain administrative control of those funds and ensure we are executing the dollars in accordance with the law.”

Jackson and her staff provide comptroller services to every department within Logistics Command.

She has 68 staff members working in four areas: Appropriated Funds Division, Working Capital Funds Division, Resource Management Division, and Transportation Voucher and Certification Division.

“I have a great staff,” Jackson said. “Each division director has well over 20 years in the discipline they manage. I’m very excited to be in this position. I see challenges for the future as the war effort curtails and I know the Department of Defense is moving into other areas. In the near term, one of my goals is to guide this command toward greater success as our contingency funds go away and we actually have to manage what we call peacetime budgets again … realizing that at the end of the day we are here to support the warfighter.”

Jackson began her civil service career here in 1989 and has been in the comptroller career field since 1993. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Albany State University, Albany, Ga., and master’s degree in human resources management from Troy State University, Albany, Ga.

Sheron Mathis, supervisory financial analyst and deputy director of Resources Management Division within Programs and Resources, Logistics Command, believes Jackson will take the Comptroller’s Office to new heights.

“I think she’ll take the Comptroller Office to a new level with her ideals,” Mathis said. “I know she is leaning toward implementing some new automated systems that will be beneficial for the department. I think she is the type of person (who) is willing to solicit recommendations from her staff on how to improve operations within the command as it relates to financial operations. She is an effective communicator (and) I hope to learn some of those methods in order to continue to enhance my communication skills.”

Phil Millerd, Deputy Director, Appropriated Funds Division, Programs and Resources, Logistics Command, described Jackson as a great mentor, who has worked hard to develop the up and coming workforce and “has been an exemplary and outstanding leader for the command. She has set the example through her resourceful, insightful and innovative management of planning, programming, budgeting and execution processes of the command's Operation and Maintenance Budget. She has initiative, innovation and is a strategic thinker. Her unique background in fiscal law, financial management, contingency operations, contracting, logistics and administration has enabled her to make sound recommendations on major funding issues.”

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