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MCLC hosts Unity Family Day

By 1st Lt. Kyle Thomas | | May 31, 2012

Marine Corps Logistics Command held its Unit Family Day at the Parks at Chehaw, in Albany, Ga., May 24.

The all-day event gave MCLC Marines and their families an opportunity to engage in recreational activities while reacquainting with each other.

“I think it is important for an organization to take a strategic pause and come together as a family and get reacquainted with each other and have fun,” said Col. Stephen Medeiros, Marine Depot Maintenance Command commander, MCLC.

Salina McBride, family readiness officer, MCLC, organized the event with the help of other MCLC personnel.

“We need to remember the family unit is the foundation for any Marine,” said McBride. “We also want to celebrate the families for the sacrifices they make and build on their camaraderie with each other because when our Marines deploy we need to lean on each other and we do. We do a good job of that. This is one of four opportunities we get throughout the year to see our families throughout the command.”

Those who attended the function had an opportunity to participate in a myriad of events. Different stations catered to various age groups to include a pool and bubble area for babies and toddlers, and an arts and crafts section for ages 5-8 years old. Smaller children also played in inflatable playgrounds specific to their age groups, according to McBride.

Marines and their teenage family members, also had an opportunity to participate in “Fear Factor” and “Survivor” events, both named after their respective television shows. Members of this age group also competed in an “Amazing Race” in which runners not only had to run a course, but also had to negotiate obstacles and solve puzzles while being the first to do so in order to win, much like the TV game show counterpart. “I competed in the ‘Amazing Race,’ which was fun because I really enjoy the show and I got the chance to run it with my daughter,” said Tonya Holloway, spouse of MCLC Marine Lt. Col. Shannon Holloway.

More specifically, competitors had to cover a 3 - 31/2 mile race while wearing flak jackets, a protective piece of body armor designed to shield Marines from shrapnel and debris, and most often used in training and overseas operations. The runners had to navigate certain obstacles, such as a fake minefield and a Frisbee golf station, as well as a small scavenger hunt involving Chehaw’s Wild Animal Park.

Family members also enjoyed free access to the Wild Animal Park as well as rides on its adjoining train. This provided attendees an opportunity to feed the alligators and visit animals at the petting zoo. Mr. Fantastic was also on hand to paint faces and provide magic tricks.

Maj. Gen. Charles Hudson, commanding general, MCLC, also attended the event. “We have Marines in Marine Corps Logistics Command, who are spread all over especially in Afghanistan,” said Hudson. “This event gives us the chance to have a little fun, to enjoy the day and it also gets the Marines out of the office and gives them the opportunity to spend a little time with their families and their little ones.”

The MCLC family will have other opportunities throughout the year to take a time out and enjoy each other’s company. Those opportunities include back to school, holiday and kid’s events in which MCLC teams up with Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and Marine and Family Services. Throughout the year, MCLC also hosts youth and teen events as well as spouse meet-and-greet functions, according to McBride.