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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Suppliers receive taste of Marine Corps, learn MCLC mission

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | May 17, 2012

Marine Corps Logis-tics Command hosted its second annual Key Wholesale Supplier Day here, April 25-27.

The three-day event allowed participants to become familiar with the Marine Corps and MCLC’s mission in support of the warfighter.

“The purpose of the event is to strengthen our relationships with the organizations and people who are key in providing supply support to the Marine Corps,” Joe Wingard, director, Supply Integration Division, MCLC, said. “Over the years, the Marine Corps has become dependent on outside agencies to provide consumable supply support to us. The suppliers, attending the conference, are a good representation of the people who support us today.”

During their stay, the suppliers received several command briefs from MCLC, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Fla.

Representatives participated in roundtable discussions, toured Marine Depot Maintenance Command and Distribution Management Center, where they saw a variety of vehicles used on a daily basis by deployed Marines and took part in a warfighter exercise at the Recreational Pistol Range.

For Glascow S. Bart, supply systems analyst, Supply Chain Planning Branch, Logistic Systems and Support Division, Communications-Electronics Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., his visit to MCLC was his first opportunity to view Marine Corps logistics.

“During the three-day workshop, I interacted with Marine Corps Logistics Command Marines and liaisons and I now have a better understanding of the mission to support the Marine in the field,” he said. “The Marine Corps is one of the major components of the military service and the Marines work hard to support the warfighter.

“It makes my job more fulfilling knowing that I can do something to help out the warfighter,” he added. “What I take from this experience is that everybody’s number one goal is to support the warfighter and that is all across the board ... Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.”

Bart said his visit was a great experience because it allowed him the opportunity to meet some of the Marines he supports.

Bart also said he enjoyed the warfighter exercise and marksmanship training, because this was his first time shooting a pistol.

“I wanted to give the suppliers a little touch of what it is like being a Marine, so you have to have them fire weapons,” Wingard said. “They learned how to shoot the 9 mm pistol and had an opportunity to train using the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer.” Wingard said he hopes the conference will reinforce relationships and in the long run provide better supply support to the warfighter.