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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base implements new security access system

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | May 10, 2012

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany security officials are scheduled to use a new security access system at each of the base’s entry control points beginning Friday.

“The system called Intellicheck Mobilisa is a security system used by the Marine Corps Police Department to grant access to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany,” Daniel Perry, physical security specialist, Marine Corps Police Department, MCLB Albany, said.

The two-part system consists of hand-held scanners and a visitor vendor control center, which will be located at the Pass and ID Office in Building 3010. The VCC will be implemented at a later date, he added.

“These devices can scan and compare the information on driver’s licenses, passports and other government identifications to numerous federal and state databases, checking for ‘wanted’ individuals, lost or stolen ID cards and counterfeit or expired ID cards,” Larry Dillard, physical security chief, MCPD, MCLB Albany, said.

“The end state is to provide a safer and securer working environment for base personnel and better security for critical assets located aboard the base.”

The hand-held scanners used at the entry points will be used for identification verification only and not for tracking individuals or their actions, according to Perry.

“The hand-held scanners do not retain personal identification information; however, certain electronic data scanned into the VCC system at the Pass and ID Office relative to visitors and contractors requesting passes to the base may be retained electronically,” Perry said.

Perry recommends, just as a precaution, Marines, family members and civilian-Marines, who work or live aboard the base, may want to allow a little more commute time for the new security measure.

The system has been implemented at other Marine Corps installations including Marine Corps Air Stations Beaufort, S.C., and Yuma, Ariz.

For more information, call MCPD at 229-639-5180.