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CO recognizes youth program staff

By Pamela Jackson | | March 22, 2012

Four employees who work at the Child Development and Youth and Teen Centers were recognized by Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, for outstanding performance on a multi-disciplinary inspection, March 15.

According to Marine Corps Order P1710.30E, all installation commanders are required to conduct an annual multi-disciplinary tools inspection of their youth programs and youth and teen centers.

Donnie Baggs, command inspector general, MCLB Albany, led the nine-member investigation team of subject matter experts during the inspection that lasted from Jan. 18 - March 7.

“The MDT reviews nine functional areas in both the CDC and Youth and Teen Center, where each area is evaluated for administration, operations and physical environment,” he said. “A total of 495 areas were inspected and I received nothing but positive feedback from the inspectors regarding how well both programs were doing.”

Baggs said unlike past inspections, he recommended the inspectors recognize excellence for employees who went above and beyond to achieve noteworthy results during the process.

“The four outstanding employees recognized are Carolyn Perry, Michelle Ramos, Marti Kyle and Becky Shiver,” he said. “Each person received a commander’s coin from the base commander.”

Dorothy Bryant, director, CDC, said the inspection was conducted to ensure they were in compliance with the required areas of health and sanitation, fire prevention, safety program, outside subject matter, Family Advocacy Program, Exceptional Family Member, Public Works and Human Resources.

Williams said the CDC and Youth and Teen Center programs are among the best he has seen in the Marine Corps.

“The staff continues to do great things and not only do I appreciate it, but the families do as well, though they may not hear it often,” he said. “Each of them does fantastic things in their respective areas and I want them to remember what they do makes a difference and that they are truly are among the best.”

Paula Caserio, director, Marine Corps Family Team Building, MCCS, said the annual inspections are critical in maintaining high quality standards and precede the inspection performed by Headquarters Marine Corps.

“Each person was recognized for their contribution to quality care for the children, youth and teens within our programs,” she said. “It is wonderful to see them recognized for their hard work because they are truly dedicated to the overall success of the program. The dedication and hard work of each employee plays an important role in the success of the program.”

Caserio said as educators, the teams play a vital role in the future of the children and the direct care staff is to be commended as well.

Michelle Ramos, director, Youth and Teen Center, Marine and Family Services, Marine Corps Community Services, said even though the MDT inspection is intensive, she respects the process because it ensures they are providing quality services for families.

“We are entrusted by our families to provide a safe, positive and enriching environment for our members and I don’t take it lightly,” she said. “It is very satisfying to be recognized by the command for noteworthy achievement, but the success of our program is a team effort and would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the Youth and Teen Center program staff.”