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Click-it or Ticket campaign underway

By Pamela Jackson | | June 2, 2011

Buckle up or it’s going to cost you - time, money and the loss of driving privileges aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

The Marine Corps Police Department here is participating in the national Click It or Ticket campaign sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety through June 5.

“Seatbelt usage is the most important thing a driver can do to help save their lives, the lives of their children, and their passengers in case of a crash,” said Lt. Perry Mixon, assistant operations officer, MCPD, MCLB Albany. “We see a lot of younger drivers not wearing their seat belts. Our job is to protect you and the public, not just to protect you from the bad guy, but to protect you from yourself ... so buckle up. The next life it saves may be yours!”

Mixon said based on a national survey, one of the main reasons young drivers don’t wear seatbelts is because they have gotten used to not wearing them and the use of seatbelts is not considered to be “cool.”

Base Order 5560.9D CH-1, seatbelt requirements, makes it mandatory for all occupants inside of a motor vehicle aboard MCLB Albany to wear seatbelts. Failure to comply will result in a traffic court appearance, and upon conviction, a 30-day suspension of driving privileges and four points assessed against base driving privileges. Violators must also attend a remedial drivers course.

Lt. William Womble, accident investigations supervisor, MCPD, MCLB Albany, said the Click It or Ticket campaign is designed to enhance the driver’s awareness of the importance of using vehicle safety restraints.

“Drivers can expect to see seatbelt enforcement checkpoints both on and off the installation. We will be conducting periodic checkpoints at various locations on the installation,” he said. “The goal of the Marine Corps Police Department is not to have a reason to issue a citation or harass the public, but to make MCLB Albany a safer place to live and work. We take the safety of our base personnel very personally. We care about the mission and the people that make that mission happen.”

According to information retrieved from a base safety gram message dated May 11, Click It or Ticket has helped increase the national seat belt compliance rate to all all-time high of 85 percent in 2010. Seat belts saved more than 12,500 lives in 2009.

It further reads: “There were 23,382 occupants of cars, pickup trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2009. 53 percent of those killed were not wearing seat belts. Men are less likely than women to buckle up and in 2009, 66 percent of men, 18 to 34, were killed in vehicle crashes and not wearing seatbelts.”

Law enforcement officials warn there will be zero tolerance at road checks during their patrols of the installation.

During the Click It or Ticket campaign, all local law enforcement agencies will be participating, so buckle up for safety, or else.

For more information on the campaign, log on to http://www.nhtsa.gov/CIOT.