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Service members, civilians test mettle in Daniels Cup Team Challenge

By Marti Gatlin | | May 5, 2011

Civilian Team - Four Men and a Baby - scored 11 points to win the 6th annual Daniels Cup Team Challenge April 27 at Covella Pond, here.

Five-member teams - four males and one female, authorized patrons of Daniels Fitness Center, tested their teamwork abilities in the tractor tire flip, the tote and carry relay as well as the sprint relay, according to Whitney Hendrix, fitness director, Daniels Fitness Center.

Two teammates flipped a 400-pound tire 15 yards and two other team members flipped it 15 yards back, she said.

Each team loaded a 100-pound metal rectangle with 200 more pounds of 45-pound weight plates in the tote and carry relay. Then two people stood inside the rectangle, picked it up using its handles and walked together 15 yards, set it down and carried it back 15 yards. Other teammates added another 100 pounds and repeated the process.

While carrying a 14-pound medicine ball, runners sprinted around a square 80 yards. Opposing runners could knock the medicine ball out the other team’s hands.

Two civilian teams - Hamburgers and Hotdogs, 4 Men and a Baby; a Marine team - The Gladiators; a Navy team - Medical; and an Army team; competed against one another. The Gladiators, the Army and Medical all scored 10 points for a three-way second-place tie. Hamburgers and Hotdogs earned 7 points for third place.

Ray Fuentes, Robert Lane, Abe Papaleo, Kevin Stephens and female, Shawn Stinson, of 4 Men and a Baby, coached by Gene Pender, participated in the challenge for the first time.

They all work out at the gym every day, play softball together and volunteered to test their abilities, Pender said.

“The hardest was the sprint,” Fuentes said. “(I’m) not used to sprinting that far and holding 14 pounds (was) not a lot of weight, but hard running that far with it.”

Master Sgt. Rolanda Bailey, a member of The Gladiators, talked about the difficulty of the tire flip.

“(I was) trying to get a rhythm with my teammate, Sergeant Jonathan Lee,” she said. “(It was) not easy. I listened to him say ‘push.’ He was helping us get in a rhythm and the key was pushing from the center of the tire.”

Grady Wilson and his Hamburgers and Hotdogs team member, Ashley Hall, pushed themselves through the tote and carry relay.

They both said it was hard picking up the weights. Wilson and another teammate carried the 400 pounds.

“It was tougher than I thought,” he said. “Once (we got) it going it (wasn’t) so bad. The initial start was hard.”

Cpl. Travis Kase, a member of The Gladiators, said he believed the tote and carry relay was the hardest event of the Daniels Cup Team Challenge.

“The hardest was the tote and carry with coordination of weight distribution and who would go on the front and the back,” he said.

All three events were timed and fitness center staff members helped time events as well as made sure no one got hurt, Hendrix added.