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Logistics Command civilian-Marine garners 2010 Civilian Logistician of the Year award

17 Mar 2011 | Marti Gatlin

A Marine Corps Logistics Command civilian-Marine received honors as the Marine Corps’ 2010 Civilian Logistician of the Year during the 7th annual Marine Corps Association Logistics Awards Dinner in Arlington, Va., Feb. 3.

Jeffrey T. Milazzo, who serves as the Marine Corps Logistics Command lead for Coordinated Secondary Reparable Management, was presented his award at the dinner. MCA, in conjunction with Headquarters Marine Corps, Installations and Logistics Division, held the event, according to the MCA Foundation’s Web site,

Milazzo’s leadership directly contributed to the success of the Coordinated Secondary Reparables Management program, a Marine Corps Logistics Module initiative, and resulted in improved effectiveness and increased efficiency in SECREP support to the warfighter, his citation reads. His significant contributions are founded in his focus on the warfighter, ability to apply advanced Information Technology skills to solve business problems, passion for continuous process improvement, and an innate ability to effectively lead, mentor and train others.

The Marine Corps has reparable issue points located at every major Marine Corps installation to provide component support to Marine Corps ground equipment, according to Patton E. Jones, branch head, Retail Secondary Items Branch, Supply Integration Division. Reparable secondary items that are needed in the future are stocked at the locations, like engines, transmissions and receiver-transmitters, to maintain the Corps’ ground equipment inventory, such as trucks, tanks, Light Armored Vehicles and radars.

“The Marine Corps and Logistics Command leadership have provided me with the foundation, discipline, and knowledge needed to support the warfighter,” Milazzo said.“This award signifies the accomplishment of a team who strives to make a difference in the logistics community for the Marine Corps.”

A former Marine, Milazzo’s leadership, expertise in the enterprise management of SECREPs and unwavering commitment to increasing the effectiveness and improving the efficiency of SECREP support across the Marine Corps were invaluable, Jones noted.

Jones said that Milazzo wasn’t the only civilian-Marine from Logistics Command who has won the honors.

Iris Perez received the 2009 Civilian Logistician of the Year award. She works at the I Marine Expeditionary Force Reparable Issue Point located at Camp Pendleton, Calif., as the Logistics Command site manager.

“Jeff and Iris are very talented and capable individuals, we are very lucky to have them in our Logistics Command, SMC family,” he said. “Having back-to-back winners of the Marine Corps Civilian Logistician of the Year from Logistics Command is a great accomplishment for the command and a tribute to our folks’ efforts in support of the Marine Corps mission.”

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