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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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New green barracks nears completion

By Pamela Jackson | | February 10, 2011

Editor’s note: This is the fifth article of an eight-part series on Inside Installation and Environment Division.

Single Marines at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany will soon be able to move into their newly-constructed barracks. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Oct. 28, 2009, and the project is nearing completion with the ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for March 15.

The Marine Corps is committed to providing a quality standard of life for the single Marines, just as they are for the married ones.

“The new barracks will provide a professional environment for the Marines to come back to at the end of the day,” said Randall Kennedy, bachelor and transient billeting manager, Installation and Environment Division, MCLB Albany. “This facility will improve overall morale and help them focus on mission accomplishment.”

According to base officials, the $14.7 million BEQ replaces barracks built in the 1950s. The new facility was designed by the contractor from the start as an example of the smart, effective use of designs, materials and processes.

Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany, said the new barracks represent the Marine Corps’ efforts to take care of the Marines.

“It provides state-of-the-art construction and energy enhancements, and includes the latest modifications that come directly from what works best for the Marines,” he said. “We call these enhancements the ‘best in breed.’”

One major goal was to attain certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Status. To attain LEEDS status, the contractor is awarded credits for using methods and materials which provide energy efficiency. The more credits they earn, the higher the LEEDS rating.

Kennedy said the state-of-the-art facility has solar and hot water panels, which will help reduce energy costs and consumption as mandated by the Department of Defense. MCLB Albany is leading the way with green initiatives like the BEQ and landfill-to-gas project using cutting-edge technology.

“From what I’ve seen from outside the fences, I’m really going to enjoy being in the new barracks and I’m looking forward to moving in soon,” said Lance Cpl. Alonzo Cruz, administration specialist, Military Personnel Office, Manpower Division, MCLB Albany. “There are a lot more features than the old barracks, such as being able to prepare meals in the room and the recreational room with game tables and large televisions.”

According to Kennedy, there are 100 modern rooms with amenities that are designed for two-person occupancy.

“Some of the amenities include two-burner stoves in each room, which is great because the base does not have a dining facility,” he said. “The Marines will be able to shop for and prepare their own meals in the comfort of their rooms. Each room has a small refrigerator, bathroom and two closets.

“Five of the rooms are also handicap accessible in the event we have wounded warriors who may have to come here,” he said. “There is also an on-site laundry facility, game and entertainment center, covered pavilions and bicycle racks.”

Kennedy said MCLB Albany is leading the way with this type of cutting-edge construction project that puts the base leaps and bounds ahead of the DoD energy mandates and helps the commanding officer reach his goal of becoming the premier green base in the Marine Corps.

“The construction items used to build the new barracks are also green, including the low volatile organic paint and drywall compounds,” said Jared Zoller, assistant superintendent, Suffolk Construction. “Seventy-five percent of all the construction debris, such as wood, cardboard boxes and unused concrete is recycled. We used as many environmentally-friendly products as possible. Water consumption will also be reduced with low-flow water, shower and toilet fixtures.”

Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey L. Benjamin, public works officer, I&E, said the new facility gives MCLB Albany room to absorb more Marines should there be a decision to move additional ones here.

“Anytime you can provide a facility like this for the Marines, it is a good feeling,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed being a part of the project and it will be a great day to see the Marines move in.”


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The new $14.7 million Bachelor Enlisted Quarters complex, featuring 100 modern rooms and numerous amenities, is scheduled to open in March.