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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Christmas in Albany

By Pamela Jackson, Public Affairs Specialist | | December 9, 2010

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany once again participated in the sights and sounds of Albany’s annual Christmas parade, Saturday.

The 20th annual Celebration of Lights Parade brought out characters from the hit Disney movie, “Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.”

As thousands lined the street along Pine Avenue in downtown Albany, the Marine Corps was represented by the first four of more than 70 parade entries. Leading the parade was MCLB Albany’s ceremonial color guard and the Albany Marine Band, followed by base leaders and Cpl. Henry Figueroa, noncommissioned officer of the quarter for MCLB Albany.

“For the past 20 years, the Marine Corps has been a part of our parade and we could not have done this without their support,” said Lorie Farkas, parade coordinator. “It’s an awesome thing for young boys to see what you can be when you grow up, and for adults, this is a chance to see the military at its best.”

Farkas added it was great to see the Marines at Christmas in their dress blues, marching and riding in the parade.

“I told Colonel (Terry V.) Williams and Major General (James A.) Kessler I could make some beautiful earrings out of their wonderful metals, but they weren’t giving them up,” she said with a laugh. “The band and the Marine Corps is always a big hit and we hope to have them for the next 20 years.”

The band played a variety of Christmas music along the parade route and stopped in front of the reviewing stand filled with local dignitaries to play three additional holiday selections.

The sound of oohs and aahs filled the crowd as Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany and Sgt. Maj. Stephen Thomas, base sergeant major, MCLB Albany, rolled through the parade route in a red Hummer brand sports utility vehicle. It was provided courtesy of Marine Corps Recruiting Command and driven by Sgt. Ralph Giannetti, a local recruiter.

“What a great event! As part of this community, we appreciate and look forward to participating in the Christmas parade,” Williams said. “Parades are fun, and it’s exciting to see all the floats, bands and entries. The Marines of MCLB and my family look forward to next year's event.”