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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marine returns home in time for holidays

By Jason M. Webb, Public Affairs Specialist | | December 2, 2010

Coworkers, family and friends gathered at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport in Albany, Nov. 23, to welcome home a Marine who has been deployed for more than six months in Afghanistan.

Cpl. Chris Wynn, administration clerk, Military Personnel Section, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, returned just in time for Thanksgiving, after serving as a liaison officer for travel in Baghram, Afghanistan.

“I’m really excited to be home and be with my wife and family,” Wynn said.

He added he is happy to be back in the United States after being away from home so long.

His wife, Chelsea, said she was happy to see her husband after such a long deployment.

“It’s good to have him back before Thanksgiving,” she said. “We all feel blessed he is back safe and sound.”

During his deployment, Wynn said he experienced a world he had never seen before.

“It was really different,” he said. “It’s a culture shock when you get over there. It’s just good to be home. I’m just glad to be back and spend some time with my family.”

Capt. Victor Flores, commanding officer, Headquarters Company, MCLB Albany, said Wynn’s return solidified a key component to Marine Corps tradition, which is Marines are family.

“He’s part of the family. We don’t have too many Marines (who) get to go on deployments as augmentees, so a homecoming like this special,” said Flores. “We see this as a family member leaving and coming home. He did his job in the fight, and we’re happy to have him back.”