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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Chilean commandant visits LOGCOM

By Jason M. Webb, Public Affairs Specialist | | October 28, 2010

Marine Corps Logistics Command rolled out the red carpet as Chile’s highest ranking Marine visited here, Oct. 20.

Rear Adm. Marco Amigo Jimenez, general commandant of the Chilean Marine Corps, toured multiple LOGCOM facilities during his day-long visit in which he saw firsthand how LOGCOM can help his force improve not only its amphibious, but defensive, humanitarian and multilateral peacekeeping capabilities.

“I had heard reports and commentaries about the capabilities here, but until I visited I didn’t have an appreciation for LOGCOM’s ability,” Amigo said. “To repair equipment and to develop new equipment with this high level of science and technology is impressive.”

Amigo’s visit included a tour of the Distribution Management Center, Maintenance Center Albany’s production line and the vehicle test track and amphibious test pond.

The visit, attended in conjunction with staff from Marine Corps Forces Southern Command who helped facilitate the trip, was to showcase LOGCOM’s ability to quickly and effectively build AAVs for the Chilean Marine Corps at MCA’s production line.

“I have been looking at three different amphibious vehicles out on the market, and I am of the opinion that the one fabricated here in the United States is the best,” Amigo said after viewing a demonstration of the AAV in the test pond and after he took two trips around the test track in the gunner’s position. “What I’ve seen during this trip confirms that.”

Amigo stated that the addition of the LOGCOM- built AAVs would bolster the Chilean Marine Corps’ ability to increase not only their ship-borne amphibious force, but it would also support humanitarian and peacekeeping missions.

“It is important we work with our Marine force commanders in support of their objectives,” said Col. Ben Braden, chief of staff, LOGCOM. “This visit highlights that support. We welcome the chance to showcase all our capabilities, and if we can help our Marine force commanders as they work with our allies, well that is a win-win for us all.”