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Law enforcement campaign targets speeders

By Pamela Jackson, Public Affairs Sepcialist | | October 21, 2010

Slow down! This is the message base traffic enforcement officials hope will resonate with drivers aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga.

It happens more often than it needs to maybe because a person is unaware of the changes in speed limits on the base or because he or she is in a hurry. Speeding is a dangerous habit that could cost valuable time away from work, an entry on your base driving record and the loss of driving privileges here, according to base officials.

“Right now, speeding seems to be on the rise, and this is a troubling trend,” said Col. Terry Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany.

With drivers speeding more frequently in the base housing area, Marine Corps Police Department officials plans to launch an aggressive speeding campaign beginning Nov. 1.

“One of our main focus areas will be housing because there are a lot of kids outside playing and one of them can accidentally run out in the street,” said Staff Sgt. Anthony Simmons, commercial vehicle inspection staff noncommissioned officer-in-charge. “Several Marines who live in the area asked what we were going to do about the speeding problem in housing, so we were approved to launch an aggressive speeding campaign.”

Simmons said the problem is not visitors to base housing, but other Marines and service members who speed through their own community, and it has to stop.

“A radar detector has been placed near base housing to show drivers what their speeds are and warns individuals to slow down if they are exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour,” he said. “A driver almost ran me and another officer off the road a few days ago and he (officer) commented that some of the residents act like it’s the wild, wild west in this area, but we intend to fix that.”

Another component of the campaign will be random safety check points where MCPD will check insurance, registrations, driver’s licenses, identification cards and vehicles as drivers enter the gates.

“Drivers should ensure all vehicle and identification documents are valid,” said Police Lieutenant Perry Mixon, assistant operations officer, MCPD. “This may cause some inconvenience, but it is for the safety of all base personnel and visitors. There will

also be random safety check points in various locations on the base and can include K-9 inspections. Motorists should be prepared to come to a complete stop, and if you see a checkpoint, do not try to detour because other police officers will pursue the vehicle.”

Traffic enforcement officials stress motorists should be aware of the posted speed limits, especially in base housing, near the Child Development Center and in warehouse areas around the base.

“For those in a rush, it is important to observe the base traffic laws or face the consequences. Violators may be issued citations and can possibly lose base driving privileges, if warranted,” said Police Cpl. Jamie Littlefield. “We want drivers to know we will be out in numbers to enforce the traffic laws on base, not just speeding, but other violations as well, like cell phone usage. It is a problem that drivers tend to ignore or they will forget to use a hands-free device while on base.”

Mixon said the traffic enforcement officers are there to serve the base community, not to harass anyone.

“We are trying to protect individuals from the driver who doesn’t have insurance, or the one who is ignoring posted signs and speed limits, endangering not only his or her life, but the lives of others,” he said.