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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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‘Warriors sustaining Warriors’ leader tours Logistics Command

By Marti Gatlin | | September 23, 2010

To gain a better understanding of Marine Corps Logistics Command’s support of Marines deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom, Brig. Gen. Michael G. Dana, commanding general, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Camp Lejeune, N.C., toured various LOGCOM entities, Sept. 15.

Known as “Warriors sustaining Warriors,” the 2nd MLG will be deploying to Afghanistan next year and it was important for Dana to fully understand the sustainment functions he can expect to be supported by LOGCOM, according to Luis Garza, director, Operational Logistics Support Division, Logistics Operations Center, LOGCOM.

These LOGCOM OEF sustainment capabilities include Principle End Item Rotation, Forward In-stores, Marine Expeditionary Unit Augmentation Program, in-theater overflow maintenance coordination/management and equipment retrograde operations. 

“Details on each of these capabilities were discussed during the briefing as well as our (Forward) limitations and current issues we are facing,” he said. “Brigadier General Dana was also invited to attend the LOGCOM weekly operations intelligence meeting that provided a firsthand snapshot of current LOGCOM to OEF support, and examples of our ability to gather and process data that can be used to make effective operational decisions.” 

Dana then received tours of Distribution Management Center and Maintenance Center Albany to view efforts underway supporting ongoing OEF operations, Operation Iraqi Freedom Ground Equipment Reset and ongoing actions supporting the Marine Corps supply, maintenance and distribution operations, Garza said.

Douglas Anderson, deputy director, Distribution Management Center, LOGCOM, said the overall purpose of Dana’s visit to DMC was to focus on the wide range of logistical solution capabilities the command currently brings to the warfighter in OEF.

DMC officials had an opportunity to provide information on operational distribution and storage competencies as well as conduct a short windshield tour of its functional storage operations area here, Anderson said. 

He described the tour as a “great chance to highlight the command’s growing capabilities as the distribution process owner for the U.S. Marine Corps and understand how we can enhance the focus of those capabilities to meet warfighter priorities. DMC was able to provide a tour of the Distribution Operations Center and the more robust technology environment it provides to globally monitor distribution operations.”

Anderson added the 2nd MLG leader was very supportive of DMC’s mission.

“Brigadier General Dana was very supportive about ensuring integration of the command’s growing capabilities with 2nd Marine Logistics Group efforts to increase support to the operational tip of the spear and recognized the enhanced logistical solutions the command now brings to the U.S. Marine Corps with several positive comments,” he said. 

Dana toured Maintenance Center Albany where Trent Blalock, deputy commander, MCA, highlighted the organization’s operations to the commanding general.

During the roughly hourlong walk through, Dana learned about and received a virtual paint system demonstration.

The virtual paint system is designed to show students the proper technique as well as whether they are putting enough or too much paint on a vehicle or piece of equipment, according to Steve Allen, manager, Coatings Branch, MCA.

Dana then tried his hand at painting with the system and passed the test, Allen said.

Following the MCA tour, the brigadier general emphasized his viewpoint of MCA’s work force and work environment to Blalock.

Dana said he’s been to a lot of places and facilities around the country.

“This is the most impressive facility I’ve ever seen — very squared away,” he said to Blalock.