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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM staff invades Norway

By 2nd Lt. Kyle Thomas | | August 26, 2010

OSLO, Norway - Marine Corps Logistics Command staff invaded Oslo, Norway, Aug. 16.

The invasion consisted of briefings by the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization, the Defense Staff Situation Center and a visit to the “Marine House,” the residence of Marine Security Guard Detachment Oslo.

The focus of the visit was to interface with the NDLO, the primary logistics agency for the Norwegian Armed forces. Unlike the United States military, the Norwegian Armed forces have consolidated their entire defense logistics infrastructure into one agency, the NDLO. All procurement and acquisition within the Norwegian Armed forces is accomplished through this agency.

The purpose of the meeting was not only to share the challenges and triumphs of both organizations but also to show mutual support for their combined efforts.

“It is a mutually beneficial relationship to allow us [NDLO] to store Marine Corps equipment,” said Norwegian Navy Capt. Tom Egil Lilletvedt, NDLO. “This not only represents the positive relationship between our organization and the Marine Corps but between Norway and the United States.”

LOGCOM command and staff also received a brief by the Defense Staff Situation Center, regarding climate change and how this phenomenon can change the world’s political and economic environment.

However, the trip to Oslo would not have been completed without visiting the local Marine Security Guard detachment.

The Marines who make up this detachment stay in what they refer to as the “Marine House.” This residence is where the Marine Security Guards stay when they are not on duty.

These Marines make up an elite security detail whose primary focus is to protect American Embassies overseas as well as other installations. The school is strenuous, said one Marine who just graduated from the course.

“We started our class with approximately 128 students and only graduated with 96,” said Lance Cpl. Timothy Honnert, Marine Security Guard, Oslo MSG Detachment.” The school is really hard, but it’s like anything else in the Marine Corps, if you put your mind to it, you can get through it.”

Honnert, a former 0311 infantryman, said he chose the profession because of the opportunities it can open up for him later.

Despite the beauty and weather of Oslo, there is no such thing as a bad post, the Cincinnati native said. 

The Marine Security Guards gave LOGCOM command and staff a tour of the house as well as provided a cookout for their guests.

Justin Pierce, detachment commander, Oslo MSG Detachment, became a Marine Security Guard for similar reasons.

“I wanted to try something different,” Pierce said. “I was an electrician on the F-18 but I just wanted to try something I wasn’t used to.”