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New course promotes wellness

By Marti Gatlin | | August 19, 2010

Marines, sailors, civilian-Marines, military retirees and families who desire to be healthier, fitter or manage life’s stressors may sign up until Friday for the first official, sanctioned Navy program here, at the Navy Branch Medical Clinic.

Slated to begin Sept. 9 from noon to 1 p.m. at the clinic, the eight-week ShipShape Weight Management course ends Oct. 28.

According to Patty Underdahl, certified health and wellness trainer, Navy Branch Medical Clinic, those interested individuals who call after Friday may join up until Sept. 8 if there’s still space available.

Underdahl urged Marines and sailors especially to participate.

“I want to encourage active duty to participate to promote their own fitness and wellness they can share with their families,” she said. “(It’s) all part of health promotion, diet, exercise and stress management. All tie into leading a healthier life.”

The one hour a week sessions feature different topics - Orientation, Guidelines for Success, Nutrition Facts and Fallacies, Move Your Body, Making Healthy Choices, Building Your Support Team and Listening to Your Body’s Language, Stress Management and Emotional Eating and Long-term Success - weigh-ins, cooking demonstrations and exercise tips. Members should attend all eight classes, she said.

“Most of us already know this, but it’s a matter of getting motivated and having support (which) makes it easier to (do) what we already know,” Underdahl said. “The Navy will save money and (its members will) have less illness or disease. We’re trying to catch the problems before they become serious.”

A registered nurse, she conducts a monthly follow-up with class participants for support and remedial weight maintenance if needed.

Underdahl added she will offer another eight-week class depending on base community interest beginning Nov. 11 that may finish the end of December or early January.

First held for overweight Marines and sailors, the course was expanded to include family members, retirees and civil service personnel, she noted.

Prior to the first ShipShape Weight Management program here, Christine Morrison, Nurse Case Manager, Navy Branch Medical Clinic, conducted Shape Up, a merge between the Weight Wise and ShipShape programs, she said.

“We had a huge civilian population and sometimes Marines were interested in it,” Morrison said, noting she held five eight-week sets for the last three years to meet the base community’s needs. “It’s a lifetime change, not a one-time fix.”

For more information about registration and a pre-course assessment, which are required to participate, call (229) 639-7884/7886 to schedule an appointment.