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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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SYSCOM hosts town hall meeting

By Pamela Jackson, Public Affairs Specialist | | August 12, 2010

It is not often the more than 300 personnel assigned to Marine Corps Systems Command here, get a chance to be in the same room. Nearly 150 of those employees gathered at the base theater for a town hall-styled meeting Aug. 3 to discuss opportunities for career enhancement.

“We have our town hall meetings twice a year here and bring our subject matter experts to train our workforce who are based in Albany,” said Kelly Gibson, assistant commander, Life Cycle Logistics, Marine Corps Systems Command. “Today, we have Dale Cobrin from Defense Acquisition University in Arlington, Va., to give a brief on logistics career tracks and where SYSCOM is headed in logistics planning and sustainment.”

Gibson said the workforce was also briefed on the new Information Unit Identification process and how SYSCOM is implementing it for use on its ground equipment.

SYSCOM officials said most of their employees work in equipment sustainment and other acquisition aspects, so the SMEs from its headquarters in Quantico, Va., were here to offer training opportunities and update personnel on current developments within the organization.

“DAU is where employees take all of their acquisition classes, so they are here to tell them about available opportunities and another representative will discuss our new tagging system, the IUID,” said John Klemm, director of operations, SYSCOM. “Special markings will be placed on equipment containing a lot of information, such as stock numbers, and will allow us to track its location. The SMEs will be discussing the new things coming down the road for employees to keep them informed. Today is about providing training and operations to our staff here.”

Gibson said the organization is dedicated in its efforts to support SYSCOM’s management of weapons systems and equipment.

“This town hall is a great opportunity for the officials from headquarters to come down and give the workforce insight on training and what the future advances are that will affect them in their jobs. It is an opportunity for employees to further their education while they also focus on supporting the warfighter,” said Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, operations manager, SYSCOM. “DAU courses are very important toward workforce development and today, they are getting that information directly from the provider.”

Wilson added SYSCOM’s total workforce here does not get together that often, but events like the town hall meetings bring them together. The meetings include representatives from the Product Support Center at Marine Corps Logistics Command, whom SYSCOM works closely with on sustainment efforts.