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MCA employees retire with nearly 95 combined years of service

8 Jul 2010 | Jason M. Webb

Two Maintenance Center Albany civilian-Marines were retired June 29 in the lobby of MCA in front of family, friends and co-workers.

Both were former retired Marines and have served a combined total of nearly 95 years of federal service.

“I am honored that I have the opportunity to participate in a ceremony honoring two great Americans and patriots. They have given a tremendous service to their country,” said Brig. Gen. James A. Kessler, commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command, before officially retiring the two in consecutive order.

Charles “Chuck” Hartzo, welder, MCA, retired after 50 years of federal service both as a Marine and as a civilian-Marine.

Hartzo first joined the Marine Corps in 1960, and served two tours there during the Vietnam War.

He initially came to Albany in 1984 and again in 1986.

Hartzo retired from active duty in 1980 as a master gunnery sergeant, and began working at MCA after his military retirement.

During his short speech after receiving numerous awards and thank yous, Hartzo thanked all of those who have been a part of his life while serving at MCA.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some really fine people in this room. Hopefully you can enjoy what we try to do here. It will keep you guys employed and keep the kids overseas in one piece,” he said.

Donald F. Jensen, engineer, MCA, was stationed here four times throughout his career as an active duty Marine and eventually retired here as a master sergeant in 1986.

Jensen immediately started working for MCA and has spent the last 24 years serving as a civilian-Marine.

In his retirement speech, Jensen said he admired the former Marines that served in battle during WWII and were instrumental to his molding as a young Marine when he first joined.

Jensen also said that he has valued his time at MCA and the leadership role he held.

“In the Marine Corps I wasn’t a hero, but I served with a lot of heroes and that was the high point of my career,” he said to his family and co-workers. “But serving with folks like you made me feel honored. I’m blessed and honored.”

At the end of the retirement ceremony for them both, Kessler said that their combined years of service is unprecedented for Albany.

“Between their assignments as active duty Marines and as civilian-Marines they have nearly 65 years of combined service here in Albany,” Kessler noted. “To say that we owe both of them a debt of gratitude is an understatement.”

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