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New look for Morning Colors ceremony

By Jason M. Webb | | May 20, 2010

Starting Friday, the monthly morning colors ceremony will have a new look.

Although the traditional raising of the colors will remain the same, those who want to view the ceremony will have a different perspective.

According to Sgt. Maj. Stephen Balczo, sergeant major, Marine Corps Logistics Command, the ceremony will look different for the viewer since the viewing area will be moved to the parade field instead of watching it from the steps of Building 3500.

The reason for this change was so that more civilian-Marines could attend the ceremony.

“The primary reason for morning colors is for recognition of our national ensign. It gives us time to pause and reflect, but it allows us to see Marines and spread esprit de corps,” said Balczo. “This change will allow more to view the ceremony from a better perspective and see the ceremony with Marines raising the flag with Building 3500 in the background.”

The Friday morning color ceremony takes place every third Friday of the month. Not only is it to honor the national ensign, but it also is an awards and recognition ceremony for Marine and civilian-Marines.

In the past year the ceremony has taken place on the steps, but due to overcrowding, Balczo looked for alternatives to providing room for attendees but also to host the ceremony with the pageantry required.

“We will bring out chairs and bleachers, so that those who want to see the morning color ceremony will have every opportunity,” Balczo said.

The Friday morning colors ceremony will begin­ at 8 a.m., and viewers are requested to be seated by 7:45 a.m.