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Base names Marine of the Quarter

By Pamela Jackson | | May 6, 2010

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials recently selected their second 2010 Marine of the Quarter. The quarterly board is held to recognize outstanding Marines.

Known for her quiet demeanor and friendly smile, Lance Cpl. Luzcelia Webber, inbound noncommissioned officer in charge, Military Personnel Branch, Manpower Division, MCLB Albany, was selected as Marine of the Quarter for the second quarter, 2010. She has been here since June 2008.

“Being selected makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and that all of my hard work paid off,” Webber said. “I am proud that my superiors noticed and selected me to compete for and ultimately win the honor.”

Webber, a native of Yuma, Ariz., graduated from San Luis High School in May 2007. After attending Arizona Western College in Yuma and majoring in sociology, she decided to enlist in the Marine Corps in Dec. 2008.

She reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C., then to Marine Corps Base Camp Geiger, N.C., for combat training and military occupational specialty school at MCB Camp Johnson, N.C., before arriving at MCLB Albany.

“I joined the Marine Corps for the challenge and maturity it offered. I did not feel that I was ready for college, so after trying it for a while, I decided this was the best move for me at the time. It’s like I had to face this challenge in order to appreciate my life and my family,” Webber said. “I felt the Marines were the toughest of all the branches and I wanted to join to go to battle, but ended up in administration.”

According to Base Order 1650.4D, Nomination for Commissioned Officer/Marine of the Quarter/Year Format, it is the policy of the Marine Corps to officially single out and recognize individual Marines whose performance of duty and collective standards of proficiency exceed that generally expected of all Marines.

Sgt. Maj. Scott C. Mykoo, sergeant major, MCLB Albany, said, “Marines compete with their peers in front of a board, but before that happens, they are nominated by their sections as the most productive Marines for that particular quarter. Webber’s quiet, yet ‘go to’ attitude is what will make her a good noncommissioned officer. She is one of the more knowledgeable Marines in her section.”

Webber said she is still looking forward to her first deployment and is scheduled to depart in June 2010 for MCB Camp Lejeune, N.C.

“At the time I joined, the only MOS that was open was in administration. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, so I didn’t have much choice. I really enjoy my job because this is a small base, and it has given me the opportunity to actually touch a little bit of every section, which may not be possible at a larger base,” she said. Being here gives me a broader knowledge of various sections within my section.”

“Webber was nominated because of her tenacity to get things done both during and after working hours,” said Derek Thomas, director, Military Personnel Branch. She is respected by the leadership due to her willingness to take on greater challenges above her rank and is also giving of herself to events outside of work in support of the command and the community.”

Thomas added that Webber is very focused, no nonsense and can be counted on to accomplish any task in a timely manner.

“She is very respectful and professional at all times and will be very successful as an NCO because of her maturity, attention to detail, and she has the trust and confidence to lead and train Marines,” he said. “She is a great asset to this command and our office.”

Webber said she has enjoyed getting to know other Marines, including those who are senior-level and officers, nor does she believe she will have the chance to build those type of relationships with the sergeant major and base commanding officer like she has here.

“My advice to other Marines is to do your job and do it right the first time. It is important to have a sense of pride in what you do and not just go with the flow. I have had great leadership since I’ve been here and my next goal is to get promoted,” she said.

Webber said that her favorite part of being here, other than getting married, is being involved with the local community and volunteering as often as she can. She admits being a bit nervous about going to the fleet and such a large duty station when she leaves, but says she has had great leaders to help prepare her.

Gunnery Sgt. Tavares Thomas, staff noncommissioned officer in charge, MPB, said, “Lance Corporal Webber is a very motivated, driven and self-paced Marine, who is also a self-starter. She is an asset to this command and this office and is the only lance corporal who is in charge of a section within the MPB. When given instructions to accomplish a particular task or mission, she not only understands the purpose and intent, but carries her duties out superbly, which speaks to her maturity level. She is truly an outstanding Marine.”