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LOGCOM employee shares importance of leadership

By Pamela Jackson | | April 8, 2010

Leadership is a critical management tool that gives an individual the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. According to www.JohnMaxwell.com, leadership is not a position, it is a process.

It has become such an important quality in the workplace that many institutions of higher learning are now offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs in leadership.

The Marine Corps places so much emphasis on leadership that they consider every Marine a leader, and start developing those traits from the beginning of recruit training.

Karam Sethi, quality assurance specialist, Business Performance Management Division, Logistics Capability Center, Marine Corps Logistics Command, graduated from the Civilian Career and Leadership Development Program, which is offered to civilian-Marines with no grade restrictions.

Sethi held a class on leadership in Building 3500, March 11.

“I wanted to share what I learned in the program with my coworkers, so I asked my supervisor if I could give a class on what was covered in the CCLD program on leadership,” he said.

Sethi’s Powerpoint presentation focused on leadership, vision and the importance of both traits in the workplace. In it, he described leadership as a way of living that is a function of a person’s identity, both their individual identity and the identity of the organization that they lead.

Maj. Craig L. Harvey, director, BPMD, said, “Sethi graduated from CCLD about a year ago and he wanted to share what he had learned there. We decided that spending an hour talking about leadership would be a good experience for him because we could all use those refreshers.”

Capt. John Bacon, material logistics specialist, BPMD, said he attended the presentation at the request of Sethi and was honored to be invited. It made him remember a story from when he was an enlisted Marine.

“We could all use a refresher course in leadership. To sum it all up, it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday that got you to your current position. What matters is what you do today and what you will do tomorrow. I remember being a young sergeant and we had a gunny check into our unit, and his first day on the job was the day we had our morning PT (physical training) run. During the run, he fell out because he could not keep up with us. We knew he had done the right things to get to his current rank and position, but none of that was relevant to us after that. We wanted to know what he was going to do for us today and tomorrow as our leader,” he said.

Bacon continued, “After the run, he called all of his key billet holders together, including myself. He told us all about his awards, promotions and the things he had done before he got to our unit. It went in one ear and out the other because all we knew was that the gunny fell out of the run this morning. He had an uphill battle to overcome, but he put himself at the bottom of that hill. The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter what got you here, but what will you do today and tomorrow as a leader.”

Robin Wimberly, business analyst, Logistics Capability Center, LOGCOM, said she enjoyed the presentation on leadership. “The presentation was very informative, and I think we all learned a lot about the things we need to do to be a good leader. Everyone is a leader, and we saw that in this presentation. It was very beneficial,” she said.