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Installation energy manager receives national honor

By Art Powell | | February 25, 2010

A base employee was recently recognized for his efforts in the landfill gas project which is scheduled to break ground later this year.

For his work on the LFG and other local projects, Eddie Hunt, installation energy manger, Installation and Environment Division, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, has been named an Energy Champion in the Department of Energy’s Energy Management Program.

The local program will capture methane gas that occurs naturally at the Fleming/Gaissert Road Landfill near the base, operated by Dougherty County, Ga., and convert it to 1.9 megawatts of usable energy for the base using cutting-edge, energy-saving technology.

“It’s been a long, hard, haul on the LFG project. Not because anybody was standing in the way or trying to stop it, it was just that none of us knew what to do because we had never done anything like this,” said Hunt of the past five years he’s been developing the LFG project here. “I never believed so many things could pop up.”

Hunt credited his co-workers and support of other organizations for making the project come together. Groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for later this year and it should be completed in approximately 16 months.

“It will produce 1.9 megawatts of power that will go to Maintenance Center Albany, which uses approximately four megawatts per day during the week,” Hunt said. “On the weekends, the maintenance center doesn’t use that much energy, so excess capacity will be diverted to base use.”

Hunt was already thinking energy savings and working on LFG when energy saving mandates were issued by the Department of Defense, calling for a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption and increased use of renewable energy for all DoD facilities.

“The landfill gas project will help us in both categories. And we’ll keep looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption here,” he added.

Plans call for the LFG equipment to be installed at the landfill and base with a pipeline connecting them.

The campaign is a DOE initiative to spread the word about saving energy, money and resources among federal workers. Twenty-one agencies participated nationally in the campaign to promote energy-efficient practices and products.

“This is an outstanding achievement. Eddie has been a true champion of energy conservation as demonstrated by our robust and well thought out energy program,” said Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany. “He brings a refreshing enthusiasm and innovative spirit to our energy programs that will keep us on track and successful in achieving our energy mandates. We could not do it without him.”

With energy conservation an on-going program inside and outside the government, the base programs will pay benefits for years to come.

“I’m very happy to see the Department of Energy recognizing Eddie’s effort here over the past couple of years to not only meet past energy mandates, but meet all the new ones that come down from Congress as well,” said Fred Broome, director, I & E Division.

Broome cited Hunt’s LFG work as a valuable contribution to Hunt’s accomplishments that led to the Energy Champion designation.

“The LFG was his crown jewel of achievement for the past several years,” Broome said. “LFG’s purpose was to reduce our energy costs and become more financially efficient. We’ll be able to produce our own power through a cheaper source, become more energy independent and meet mandated renewable energy goals.”

Hunt, whose next major energy saving project will be the conversion of more than 18,000 light fixtures on the base to energy efficient lighting, which should begin this year.

On a daily basis, Hunt says every employee on the base can help reduce energy consumption.

“Just like home, turn off the lights in your office when you leave during the day and at night,” he explained.

Hunt’s award means he’ll be featured on posters that will soon be seen around the base touting the fact he’s an energy champion.