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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM fitness room opens

By Jason M. Webb | | January 21, 2010

A new fitness room opened Jan. 13 in the heart of the newly-renovated Marine Corps Logistics Command Building 3700 first floor.

The new fitness room features three treadmills, two elliptical machines and two stationary bikes along with an array of free-weights.

According to Pamela Bryant, director, Workforce Development Office, LOGCOM, part of the renovation plan for Building 3700 was space allocated for a fitness room closer to where most LOGCOM employees worked.

“Putting a fitness room in this building, because this building houses a large population of LOGCOM personnel, is seen as another incentive to encourage health and wellness for the workforce,” Bryant said.

The health and wellness program is outlined in Marine Corps Logistics Command Order 1700.29, in which it states the wellness program encourages physical fitness as a means to improve health, fitness and the quality of life of the total force, including civilian-Marines.

Keeping with the order, Matt Hardwick, wellness program specialist, LOGCOM, said the equipment installed in the room is state of the art.

All workout machines in the room feature not only built-in monitors with cable access to reduce the monotony of workouts, but the machines feature the ability to download custom workout programs via USB that can be created for individuals to follow and maintain a healthy workout regimen.

Additionally, Bryant said that one key feature of the fitness room is the proximity of the men and women’s shower rooms next door.

“It is that accessibility that is built into the renovation of the entire building,” Bryant said. “We have had very positive feedback so far.”

The LOGCOM fitness room is now one of three locations on the base to participate in the wellness program.

The other two are the Daniels Fitness Center and one at Maintenance Center Albany.