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CFC ends, exceeds local goal

By Art Powell | | January 21, 2010

The 2009 Combined Federal Campaign, which began Oct. 1 and ended Dec. 31, exceeded its local goal by two percent, even in a troubled economy.

“Tentative figures show that we raised $126,400 in the Albany area, which was 102 percent of our goal,” said Debbie Mixon, co-chairperson, Southwest Georgia CFC.

The local campaign covers the Albany area and the regional campaign reaches out to federal agencies and two military bases in 21 Southwest Georgia counties.

“We went down in local participation, to 16 percent,” Mixon pointed out. “That’s been the trend in the last few years. Participation is down, but the total contribution is up.

“While we’ve seen job cuts, the ones who contribute picked up the slack and the local campaign exceeded its goal,” Mixon added.

The tentative total of contributions to the regional CFC dropped.

“Our tentative figures show that the Southwest Georgia regional CFC campaign raised approximately $232K, which is 93 percent of their goal, and they did it with 16 percent participation,” Mixon said.

Recent job cuts in the Southwest Georgia region are blamed for the drop in contributions, according to Larry Davis, chairperson, Southwest Georgia CFC.

“The national average for the percentage of contributors has been around 40-41 percent, but the highest I remember here was about 35 percent, and that’s dropped now,” Davis said.

Those who elect to contribute have two choices, a one-time gift or a regular payroll deduction. Most choose the payroll allotment, Mixon said.

The impact of churches on local and regional charitable contributions is a factor in the drop seen in this year’s campaign, Davis added.

“This is the Bible belt and many people contribute through their church,” he said. “We all live in the community so we’re happy to see that happen because, in the end, the help is getting out to those who need it.”

Davis and Mixon both extended their gratitude to everyone who worked on or contributed to the    campaign.

“We met our goal of getting out and talking to people and explaining how the CFC works and how it helps the community. So, even if we didn’t meet the regional goal, we still met our goal of getting out and talking to people,” Davis said. “It was a success.”

While this year’s CFC is officially over, contributions may still be made to the campaign and plans are already underway for next year’s CFC.