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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Plans readied for MCCS improvements

By Art Powell | | January 21, 2010

Selected Marine Corps Community Services facilities here could undergo relocation and/or improvements during the next 18 months, pending funding approval.

“Probably the most important project we’re looking at is the Base Library, which is going to be relocated to Building 5400, which now houses Detachment 2,” said Dick French, director, MCCS, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. “They’ll be moved to one of the barracks buildings and the base will stand up a Lifelong Learning Center in 5400, which includes the Base Library and the Base Education Office.”

Building 5400 is currently undergoing renovation to accommodate the proposed education facility.

The library work is yet to begin because Det. 2, Supply Company, 4th Supply Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, is still in residence there.

“When the Base Library is moved from its current location above the base restaurant, that space will become the Single Marine facility, which we’ve never had on this base,” French said. “It contains a major game room which will house a game area for the Wii, plus one for Xbox and Play Station. Chairs at the game stations will be plugged into the action on the screen so they move.”

In addition, the Single Marine facility will contain pool tables, a computer room and a theater with a 65-inch big screen television and 15-18 recliner seats.

Viewers will listen to the movie on headsets. Another 10 television sets will be mounted on the walls of the proposed facility to carry other programming.

“Everything is absolutely first class,” French said.

He said the Single Marine facility equipment has already been purchased with MCCS funds and he is now waiting for building renovation funding approval from Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Other facilities that could be renovated include the Teen Center, now located in the base housing area. It would be moved to a location near the Recreation Vehicle park area.

Half of another old housing unit near the RV park will be used as a laundry and rest room facility for personnel in the RV park, the other half would be used as the base’s Environmental Center, with information regarding the base environment and issues.

The restrooms in the Crossroads Restaurant and Pin City, built in 1952, are slated for renovation.

Wi-Fi service is now available at the Base Library, Pin City, the Crossroads Restaurant and the Marine Corps Exchange.

The Marine Corps Exchange reopened in Nov. 2009 following extensive renovations and the new facility is a success.

“The remodeled exchange has exceeded expectations in its first eight weeks. Sales were up 35 percent in December and January, which is traditionally slow, is tracking up 16 percent,” said George Mettrick, head of retail, MCCS. “We are so thankful that our patron family came back after the long shutdown and look forward to satisfying their needs in the months to come.