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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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I&L Lt. Gen. tours LOGCOM

By Art Powell | | January 14, 2010

Brig. Gen. James A. Kessler, commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command, hosted Lt. Gen. Frank A. Panter Jr., deputy commandant, Installations and Logistics, Headquarters Marine Corps, here Jan. 7, as Panter visited LOGCOM to gain a better understanding of their support role in the environment of reset execution.

Kessler and several other LOGCOM officials explained some complexities with fiscal planning and the flexibilities needed to effectively execute operational and strategic sustainment requirements.

In addition, leaders discussed options for supporting Operation Enduring Freedom maintenance requirements in theater and the opportunities for joint operations, including working closely with Army Material Command.

Panter also visited the Distribution Management Center to get a first-hand look at equipment retrograding from theater.

Doug Anderson, deputy director at DMC, said, “Lieutenant General Panter’s visit allowed us to briefly outline the center’s increasing distribution capabilities in support of the command’s distribution process owner role and highlight some of the logistics chain improvements that we are working on with his I&L staff.

“We were pleased to have him tour our storage operations where personnel are operating in a high intensity environment to support OEF operations outbound and inbound retrograde. Increasing awareness of all the various capabilities the command brings to the table is always helpful,” he said.

Panter identified his top priority being building the equipment density list that is going into Afghanistan. The equipment density list reflects how the Marine Corps will identify, source and deliver equipment to the warfighter in Afghanistan to meet the president’s decision to send additional Marines.

“We’ve had success, and collectively throughout the Marine Corps, we’ve been pretty effective in getting that equipment and personnel into theater onward to Afghanistan. Our commandant is satisfied with how rapidly we executed that,” Panter pointed out. “There are a lot of complex challenges in the move, but it’s working and because of a lot of hard work and dedication by many, we are pulling that off successfully,” he added.

Panter ended the day with a tour at Maintenance Center Albany.

“We wanted to give Lieutenant General Panter a tour of the maintenance center to allow him the opportunity to see our capabilities and capacities first hand. You can’t gain a full appreciation of our overall operations and capabilities until you have the opportunity to walk the floor and meet the people involved,” said Col. Terence W. Reid, commander, MCA.

Panter said he hasn’t been to MCLB Albany in a few years and wanted to see the good work that happens here.

“I need to be able to describe our state of readiness, how we are contributing to a state of readiness, to our commandant, for our Marines out in the fleet. It’s a positive story. I plan on coming back,” Panter said.