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LogBases Quality of Life Committee tackles personnel issues

By Colie Young | | August 3, 2000

A host of Marines and civilian-Marines from Marine Corps Logistics Bases meet bi-weekly to discuss personnel concerns and hash out conflicting issues within the command.
The Quality of Life Committee, co-chaired by Sgt. Maj. Earl Suggs, LogBases sergeant major; Ben Martin, AFGE union president; and Don DuBose, Federal Managers Association president, assembles with committee members to address and resolve issues identified by the work force to improve employees quality of life.
Approved by former LogBases commander, Maj. Gen. Jack Davis, in January 2000, the QOL Committee is supported by current LogBases commander, Brig. Gen. (sel.) Richard S. Kramlich.
This diverse group accepts ideas and shares information through the commands intranet website, http://albanytib01/qol/, and explores a multitude of areas to improve, with the intent of raising morale throughout the command.
A committee member champions submitted ideas by conducting research and developing a point paper with conclusions.
The point paper outlines various alternatives with the recommended courses of action. Recommendations are presented to Kramlich and the MarCorLogBases chief of staff, Col. Dennis Long, for approval and implementation.
Since we stood up this committee, weve found that some issues can be handled without bringing in the general and the chief of staff, DuBose pointed out.
A lot of concerns on the Marines side of the house can be taken care of by the sergeant major. Of course, the more sensitive issues have to be brought before the general or the chief of staff, he said.
The committee gives every idea presented fair consideration, regardless of whether it originated from a Marine, Sailor or civilian-Marine.
Some of these issues really require us to roll up our sleeves and go to battle, Sgt. Maj. Suggs revealed.
This committee is committed to its cause and is proactive when it comes to resolving issues within its authority.
Because of the dedication of our members, the meetings can sometimes take on the atmosphere of a war room.
At war or peace, the QOL Committee tackles five issues at a time.
They debate, deliberate, discuss and determine the issues that would add value to the quality of life of LogBases personnel or to their effectiveness as a military entity.
Employees who wish to have their suggestions considered for implementation can send their concerns to the QOL Committee through the intranet site or send e-mail to a committee member listed below. Committee members are Janice Burgess, Darlene Price, Angie Cape, Larry Dowdy, Gerald Dixson, Annette Florence, Dale Lemke, Bill Robinson, Toni Simmons, Capt. Christopher Sutton, Judy Williford, Sgt. Jonathan Moor, Lance Cpl. Kenneth Brown, and Lance Cpl. Christopher Raimondi.
We encourage employees with ideas for improvement to use the web site, DuBose said. The committee has a Marine assigned to maintain the web site, and we try to keep information updated. All employees submitting requests will be responded to, he concluded.