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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Commander of Marine Corps Materiel Command offers perspective

By Maj. Gen Paul M. Lee Jr. | | May 11, 2000

The past nine months have seen the Materiel Command headquarters reach a higher level of organizational maturity, while simultaneously undertaking a multitude and myriad of activities to institute key process, support the operational forces, and identify financial requirements in the POM 02 [Program Objective Memorandum for Fiscal Year 2002] submission. Pausing for a moment to reflect on those events reveals that we are well on the way to a complete transformation in the way we do things, with a greater reliance on robust commercial business practices and modern information systems management solutions.
I recently signed a plan that instituted long range business strategic planning. It makes planning the key ingredient for success in our transformation. It fortifies and ensures our standing as a world-class logistics provider. As well, it punctuates our claim to be innovators  a visionary organization on the cutting edge of change.
The Materiel Commands Strategic Business Plan focuses on seven critical areas: readiness; life cycle management policy, practices, guidance and supply chain management; modernization of automated information systems; integrated resources planning; better knowledge and understanding of customer needs; development of a highly skilled world-class workforce; and assurance of the vitality of our depot and propositioning capability.
The stand-up of MatCom Headquarters is two-thirds complete. We are selecting our civilian Marines from CONUS-wide applicants and awaiting the arrival of Marines after graduation from special education programs. Another organizational set piece is the Product Management Center.
This is the organizational cornerstone for the execution and integration of all life cycle management activities. A Memorandum of Agreement has been co-signed by the Commanders of Marine Corps Logistics Bases and Systems Command. The MOA underscores the roles and responsibilities of both commands as we move inextricably forward to full integration at the action level officer, greater connectivity, and the unimpeded flow of information to all levels.
The recent POM-02 submission was a crowning success. It already reflected the value-added of the MatCom concept and organization. For all those involved my personal kudos for a job exceedingly well-done.
In retrospect there were a host of individual and team achievements too numerous to list here. We continue to see the past high levels of excellence being demonstrated day in and day out. I am confident that we will continue to meet every challenge of the future and exploit every opportunity with the same energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. We are also moving forward with our better business practices. They are prime influences of force equipment readiness and of the deliverance of warfighting capability. The specifics of the new better business practice tools will be subject of future corporate reports.
In closing, I want you all to know that we are here to serve and support; that we welcome your thoughts and ideas.
On a personal note, Dorothy and I couldnt be happier to be a part of establishing this new concept and being part of the legacy of logistics excellence to which you all contribute daily.
Semper Fidelis,
Major General, U.S. Marine Corps Commander
Marine Corps Materiel Command