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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base employee earns Exceptional Civilian Service Medal

By Sgt. Christina Lovett | | August 31, 2000

Emblem Staff

A 13-year employee at MCLB Albany was presented the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service Friday at a ceremony in Bldg. 3700.
Harry McDole, a Chester, W.Va., native and director of G-6 operations, received the Secretary of Defense award primarily in relation to his work with the Marine Corps Year 2000 Logistics Problem Team, which ensured the Marine Corps was Y2K compliant.
With this award, we want to show what he contributed to the Marine Corps, said Brig. Gen. (sel.) Richard S. Kramlich, commander of Marine Corps Logistics Bases.
McDole coordinated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and other services and agencies to ensure the successful completion of national level exercises, Marine Corps logistics operational and end-to-end testing, and the development of detailed logistic system contingency plans, his award read.
This is a very prestigious award  one of the top civilian awards that is given for this type of accomplishment, said Kramlich. It is not an award given out cavalierly. It takes a lot to earn such a significant award.
The overall logistics [computer] system that supports the Marine Corps is headquartered in Albany, said Kramlich. We gave the working group here a mission to conduct the operations plan for Y2K.
As part of the working group here, McDole said the award is for everyone, not just his contributions. I feel quite unworthy, McDole confessed. A lot of work that was being done here was not done by me alone, but all of the personnel assigned to work on this operation. Its nice to get the recognition, but I believe it belongs to all the folks who worked out here.
Even though I am the one receiving this award, it was not possible without the work of everybody here at MarCorLogBases (Marine Corps Logistics Bases), Blount Island [Command, Jacksonville, Fla.], MarCorSysCom (Marine Corps Systems Command), Barstow (MCLB Barstow, Calif.), and the fleet (Fleet Marine Force), said McDole. This recognition is not just for me, but for us all.
McDole explained what it took from everyone to accomplish the mission.
There was some pressure because things were always changing, said McDole. The requirements kept changing.
There were a lot of hours away from the families, said McDole, and over time, that took its toll.
McDole was also the recipient of the Marine Corps Exceptional Civilian Service Award in 1999.
With his continued success, McDole offers words of advice to other civil service employees to help lead them towards similar success.
Ive always been more concerned about my job and taking care of my customers, than myself, said McDole, and that has been a reward for me. Also, staying abreast of technology and getting appropriate education leads to success.
You need to be eager on your own and find out how to succeed, he said. Teamwork is always a key.