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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base employees garner top honors

By Art Powell | | October 1, 2009

MCLB Albany’s Continuous Process Improvement program has been cited for success and three employees received top honors for their achievements.

“The command was recognized for having the outstanding CPI program within the supporting establishment,” said Dana Whiddon, business manager, Business Performance Office, MCLB Albany, Ga. “Lt. Gen. (Willie J.) Williams, director, Marine Corps Staff, presented the awards at the First Annual Marine Corps CPI Symposium at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., Aug. 20.”

In winning the honor, MCLB Albany was described as the first base in the Marine Corps to deploy CPI organization-wide and perform steadily since 2007.

Whiddon was awarded the Outstanding USMC CPI Implementation Leader Award for 2009. According to the citation which accompanied the award, she was cited for ‘her key role in coordinating and supporting the very successful CPI deployment at MCLB Albany. Her pioneering efforts in Marine Corps CPI and outstanding support of her commanding officer led to the award winning CPI deployment at MCLB Albany.

Debbie Haguewood, business analyst, BPO, was recognized as the first individual to achieve certification as a USMC CPI green-belt by the Headquarters Marine Corps CPI program office. She is now working on her black-belt CPI certification.

The certificate was signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and was presented by  Williams at the Marine Corps CPI Symposium.

The second person in the Marine Corps recognized to achieve USMC green-belt certification in CPI was Tina Lee, business analyst, BPO.

In addition to completing certain CPI training, Haguewood and Lee were required to demonstrate practical application of the CPI body of knowledge in order to achieve certification by the Marine Corps CPI Program Office.

 “MCLB Albany is excited about having two employees who were literally the first and second individuals in the Marine Corps to receive CPI Green Belt certification,” said Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany.

The road to developing the necessary skill levels and experience in CPI took years, a fact not lost on base officials.

“This is an outstanding achievement because it shows that we are working very hard to continuously improve our services and support to our Marines and their families as well as all our tenants.  It also shows our dedication to spend the taxpayer’s money wisely through continuous review of every aspect of our enterprise,” Williams said. “And this impacts the efficient and effective use of our limited resources— this is the heart of what our BPO is doing and why this is a great achievement.”

According to the Marine Corps, the newly-released SECNAVINST 5200.14 establishes policy to institutionalize CPI as one of the primary establishers to manage the effectiveness and efficiency of Department of the Navy processes in support of the Department’s national defense mission.

Further, the CPI-GRAM states the primary purpose of CPI is to enhance warfighting capability and readiness predominantly by improving the quality of the support to the warfighter through improvements to core business operations processes that provide and sustain capability. 

CPI uses proven tools to continually improve the speed, quality and affordability of work processes to meet customer requirements.

“CPI provides a standard, disciplined approach to improving the base’s support processes,” Whiddon said. “Increasing process efficiency and effectiveness translates into better support and, more importantly, enhanced customer service.”

“CPI is about improving the way we do business, according to Whiddon, finding better, faster ways to meet the needs of our customers.

“I’m extremely proud of what the BPO staff and our CPI teams have been able to accomplish.

“The positive feedback I’m getting from managers and employees alike demonstrates that we’re making a difference not only for our customers but for our employees as well,” she said.

Haguewood, after being named the first person in the Marine Corps to be certified in CPI, said she was honored.

“I am convinced of the value of our work because we have projects that have been completed for over a year and the various divisions across the base are reporting on their scorecards that they are seeing significant improvements because of our work,” she said. “I was honored to be the first person in the Marine Corps to be certified, but I’m also proud that our command won for being a leader in the program, for being at the forefront in a supporting role. On each project, every member of the team contributes to making it happen.”

Working together to achieve success was a theme echoed by Lee the second person certified in the Marine Corps.

“Using the resources we have at hand means we can approach a project with a ‘one-team-one-fight’ mentality. We use the tools and techniques we were taught, and when we have the right support in place, it works,” Lee said. “And we had the right support in place."