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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Recruitment pilot program on hold

By Art Powell | | September 24, 2009

A Department of Defense-wide proposal to change the way in which job applicants apply for vacancies online has been shelved, for now.

“Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia, was one of the national pilot sites for testing the Enterprise Staffing Solutions plan,” said Wanda Fitzgerald, supervisory human resources specialist, Staffing and Classification Advisory Division, Civilian Human Resources Office-Southeast. “It was a plan which would change the manner in which applicants apply for jobs.”

According to the DOD, its civilian personnel management service decided to cancel the pilot because it did not pass the necessary check-points, or stage gates, necessary to launch. 

The ESS called for a six-month pilot necessary to collect performance metrics and stakeholder feedback, and complete a compliance assessment to enable the DOD to determine whether or not to proceed with enterprise-wide deployment. 

With the interests of the department and taxpayers in mind, and recognizing the need for the capability of the ESS as well as the progress to date, DOD could not justify continued expenditures in the pilot program.

Currently, the Department of Navy on-line application system consists of the Civilian Hiring And Recruitment Tool and Resumix, the software used by human resources personnel to process applications received through CHART.

The recent change doesn’t mean the ESS initiative has been cancelled.

“The vision for the DOD Enterprise Staffing Solution, to acquire and implement a state of the art automated solution that will provide robust staffing and recruitment functionality to meet components staffing business processes, remains,” Fitzgerald explained. “Despite this change of course, DOD has a pressing need to replace outdated technology. Recruitment impacts the mission and the existing hiring processes are disparate, inefficient and time intensive.”

The current systems can’t be supported without significant upgrades, and the department will continue to seek quality results for the lowest investment, said DOD officials involved in the process.

Plans to improve the application process and recruitment system for DON remain a major DOD human resources initiative. 

“Our current technology is outdated and burdensome, and our managers desire and deserve effective, quality results for the human capital investments. Project officials will revisit the requirements to assure they are up-to-date, consider different methods of centrally managing a project of this scope and scale, and apply lessons learned,” Fitzgerald said.

For now, human resources officials say DOD is focusing on short-term solutions to support hiring needs until a more permanent solution can be put in place. Applicants using CHART should not see any significant changes in the current process.