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CDC campers are having a ‘ball’

23 Jul 2009 | Pamela Jackson

Entering a dark bowling alley with laser lights and screaming kids everywhere is proof that the Child Development Center summer camp participants were having a ball.  Bowling was the event of the day and without any special form or focus, balls were flying everywhere during several rounds of laser bowling.

Tamara Jones, childcare attendant, said, “The summer camp is open to children of both Marines and civilians ages five - 12.  They enjoyed visiting the Civil rights Museum earlier today, but are really having fun a lot of fun bowling.  The kids participate in several activities such as the reading room in the base library and other field trips throughout the community.”

“The kids are fun to be around with because they have different personalities and have been exposed to various things and places.  They have had a great time this summer and for some, their parents are away, so we do a variety of art projects and other things to keep them busy,” Jones said.

Maeryn Reynolds, age 8, said she really loves the camp and the activities they have done so far like the laser bowling today. “My favorite activity was Wild Adventures and I have made some great friends since I’ve been here.  My dad is a retired Marine and I am proud of him and his service.”

Reynolds also had a message for other kids.  “If you are not here in this camp, you need to get here because it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Another participant, Taylor Hardin, age 6, said her grandmother, Nancy Hardin, works here on ‘her’ base.  “The activities we have done have been fun and I had a really good time bowling today.  The camp and field trips have also been a lot of fun and it was nice of the teachers to do this for us,” she said.

Dorothy Bryant, director, CDC, said that the summer camp has been an excellent program with several activities planned for the children to give them a balanced summer experience.

“They had the opportunity to increase their reading and comprehension skills by going to the base library once a week. Health and fitness played a part in the children's daily activities by attending the base gym once a week,” Bryant said.  “The students attended field trips to places such as the Albany Civil Rights Museum to gain information on history and culture, Chuck-E-Cheese and Wild Adventures.”

Bryant added that the participants are excited about a trip to Georgia Aquarium on next July 24, but the camp will end on July 31 with a cookout at Covella Pond. 

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