Community leadership visits base

28 May 2009 | Art Powell

The Dougherty Leadership Development Institute class visited Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., May 12 to learn more about the base and its mission.

“I’m very glad to have them come visit,” said Col. Daniel J. Gillan, commander, Maintenance Center Albany. “The fact the community expresses interest in what we do makes us want to share what we do. We provide a service to our Marines and soldiers in the field, but, more importantly, if we can share that with the community, it generates support and a good relationship with the community.”

The 20 member group toured MCA, saw a military working dog demonstration and visited the base Nature Trail before departing. Each person in DLDI is involved with the program to develop leadership skills that will benefit the community.

“We’ve learned how wonderful it is to have such dedicated groups supporting our troops and these teams seem to care so much about what they do,” said Rosa Ramsey, a DLDI member who is employed at Albany Bank and Trust Company. “This facility is so much more advanced than I ever dreamed. It is so much more elaborate and is well organized. They seem to be a talented and dedicated group,” she added following her MCA tour, the first time seeing the facility.

DLDI, an off-shot of the Leadership Albany organization, is designed to attract individuals with and without disabilities.

“It’s about learning how to get along and showing people that somebody in a wheelchair can also be a contributing member of the community,” said Lou Johnson, with DLDI.

One member of the group, who is blind and wheelchair bound, said she learned from the visit to the base.

“I spend a lot of time praying for the troops and I feel so blessed to be able to come out here,” said Bianca Stacey. “Now, I feel that my prayers are being answered because the troops have equipment to keep them safe. I feel like I don’t have to worry so much about the troops now because I know they have good equipment.”

Stacey’s desire to participate in DLCI was similar to others in the group.

“I wanted to learn how to do more advocacy right here in Albany and to find out what’s available,” she said.

The DLDI maintains a program schedule that takes members into various businesses and organizations in the area so members can learn about local activities and opportunities for providing leadership in helping Albany area businesses grow and prosper.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany