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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM Marines help celebrate Careers on the Move Day

By Pamela Jackson | | May 14, 2009


They came in droves to see the transportation vehicles lined up in their school’s parking lot.  Lee County Middle School hosted its first Careers on the Move Day for nearly 500 students in the 6th grade Friday.

The purpose of this event was to expose the 6th grade students, from all interdisciplinary units, to careers in the transportation industry. 

“We want out students to begin thinking now about what they want to do in their future,” said Kelli Duke, assistant principal and event organizer.

Sergeants Patrick Harper and Sgt. Kim Martin, motor transport mechanics, Fleet Support Division, Marine Corps Logistics Command, participated in the event by providing a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle as their static display. 

The students were divided into groups of 15 and rotated to each station every 6–10 minutes.  They were given a  checklist to list the names of the vendor, the speaker’s name, details about their vehicle and careers as part of their assignment.

“I had a good time with the kids and enjoyed telling them what we do as Marines everyday.  A lot of them asked really good questions, and we seemed to be the most popular participant there,” Harper said.

For one student, Jessica Taylor, she found the vehicle and equipment fun and interesting. 

“I had the chance to try on the vest and it was heavy because of the bulletproof plates inside.  I want to be either a doctor or drive an ambulance when I grow up, but seeing the Marines and their vehicle was fun,” Taylor said.

Cris Smith was another student who visited the static display.

“The vehicle was pretty cool because I have never seen one.  I have a game at home with a vehicle that looks like it.  I think the Marines are great, too,” Smith said.

Martin, who has participated in several of these events in the past, said he really enjoys it.

“I like getting out and talking to people about the Marine Corps and what we do here everyday.  It is especially fun to talk to kids and listen to the questions they ask,” he said.

“We are very excited and thankful to everyone who volunteered their time and vehicles to share with our students.  This could not be offered without them,” Duke said. “The kids really enjoyed meeting and talking to the Marines,  especially because we have a base so close to us.”