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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCA employee honored for 40 years of service

By Pamela Jackson | | April 23, 2009


Several employees gathered in the lobby of Maintenance Center Albany April 13 to pay tribute to their co-worker and friend for 40 years of service to the Marine Corps.

James “Rudy” Chancellor, electronics mechanic, MCA, came to work in 1966 at the urging of a friend who worked here. 

He admits he has seen a lot of changes in equipment and personnel during his tenure.

“When we think about what makes our country great and what makes our Corps great, it is people like you,” said Maj. Gen. Willie J. Williams, commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command, as he presented the career service award. “At times people may look at your position as an electronics mechanic as just a job.  It is what you do every day to support the warfighter that makes the Corps successful.”

Chancellor said, “I remember when we had a lot of Marines that worked here with us and I can honestly say I never saw a bad one.  I really hated it when they took them away, but that was during the Vietnam War and they had to go.  I often wonder what ever happened to those guys, but they were eventually replaced with some great civilians.”

Col. Daniel Gillan, commander, MCA, said, “James has been serving our Marine Corps right here in this same location for 40 years, with the exception of a short break to run his own business.  It is a testament to not only his dedication and sense of service, but his work ethic.  He understands that there is a job that needs to be done, and he makes sure it gets done.”

“James is indicative of so many of the civilian-Marines we work with in the command and it makes coming to work everyday a pleasure for me.  I think it is a credit to LOGCOM and the command because it is a great place to work,” Gillan said.

Chancellor, an Alabama native, left the base for three years to start his own business, but came back and has been here since 1969.

He and his wife moved to Colquitt, Ga., in the early 1960’s, but later moved to Albany, then Leesburg, Ga.

Chancellor served in the Army National Guard as an artillery specialist from 1958 – 1963 after being drafted at age 18. 

“My plan is to stay here at the maintenance center until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I want to be as old as some of these guys when I retire,” he joked.

Chancellor said, “I have worked with a lot of good people here, and it kind of makes me sad knowing I have been here for 40 years.  It seems like it has only been two or three days.  I work with some of the best people around and really appreciate all of them being here today.”

Larry Clark, electronics mechanic supervisor, MCA, said, “Working with him has been a pleasure because he is easy to get along with and is always there when you need him.  Even though I have been his supervisor for only one day, I have worked closely with him for fifteen years.  We often get a lot of older equipment in, and the person we get to work on it is James because he knows all about it and is a great example for others to follow.”

“My most rewarding experience has been the challenge of working on electronics products.  As the older equipment is upgraded and new equipment comes in, older parts are harder to find.  But, we always find a way to complete the mission,” Chancellor said.

Laurence Olson, electronics branch head, MCA, said, “I have worked closely with him for the last five years, but have known him for 20.  When I make my tours through the shop in the morning, I can always count on ‘Rudy’ to be there on time and always with a cheerful attitude.  He is always smiling and really boosts the shop morale.”

“He has a lot of in-depth knowledge, especially of the older equipment.  The Marine Corps has a tendency to hold on to a lot of their older equipment and it is guys like him that we call on repair it.  He works as long as you need him and it is good to have him here because he is a very reliable employee.  I hope he stays around a lot longer,” Olson said.

Chancellor offers the following advice to other employees: take your job seriously, get to work on time, get the job done and work hard to complete it.

“In every job you will have problems, but that is what you were hired to do – solve problems,” Chancellor said. “Young people don’t look at jobs the same way anymore.  Some feel it is about them, but we were hired to fix this equipment and it is the only reason we are here.”