Madden receives Presidential Rank Award

20 Nov 2007 | Mr. Art Powell

 Michael T. Madden, executive deputy, Marine Corps Logistics Command, has been named a Meritorious Executive for the Department of the Navy under the 2007 Presidential Rank awards.

 Each year, the president recognizes and celebrates a small group of Senior Executive Service executives with the President’s Rank Award for exceptional long-term accomplishments.

 “I appreciate the fact that with only three years with the Marine Corps, I was nominated for the award as the award covered a much longer period. I very much appreciate General Williams’ support in the nomination process,” said Madden, who entered the SES after retiring from the Navy in 1999.

 The U.S. Office of Personnel Management describes winners of the Presidential Rank Awards as “strong leaders, professionals and scientists who achieve results and consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, industry and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service.”

 “LOGCOM is fortunate to have an individual of Mr. Madden’s character and caliber. His professional knowledge and expertise are of the highest order and sought by high performing organizations of today. His dynamic leadership and business acumen has had a direct and measurable impact on LOGCOM’s ability to align its resources; personnel, products, and services to the warfighter. His extensive Naval service and in-depth financial background, have been instrumental in executing the forward-facing mission of LOGCOM. He well deserves this recognition,” said Maj. Gen. Willie J. Williams, commanding general, LOGCOM.

 Madden’s award covers an eight-year span of SES work, and numerous achievements were cited for his being named a recipient.

 “I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to work at some high levels on some pretty important projects such as standing up the Department of the Navy business office and working on some initiatives in the financial management community,” he said. Additionally, his work at LOGCOM played a significant role in the award.

 “I think the work we’ve done here in transforming the command to be outward-looking, to grab a demand signal from both Marine Corps Systems Command and the Marine Expeditionary Forces, are very important in improving support to the war- fighter. Across all initiatives is the fact that I had the opportunity to work with some great people. Once we had a common vision of where we wanted to go, we moved out and accomplished the mission. So, the key thing was not only to have the opportunity to work on the projects, but to have the opportunity to work with some great people,” said Madden.

 He thanked Williams for his support and stressed that success isn’t just about one person.

 “In the end, none of this is about what you do by yourself, it’s about what you do with a good group of people and I’ve been fortunate over the years to be associated with a great group of people and that’s been fun,” said Madden, a 1979 graduate of The Citidel.

 “For me, it’s about getting a group of people and moving them in a direction that ends up being pretty exciting. That’s pretty cool,” he added.

 His nomination package for the 2007 Presidential Rank Awards cited his “long track record of proven performance” and his abilities in leading people, being “results driven,” and “leading change,” and his ability to build coalitions.

 Madden, who has been with LOGCOM since January 2005, had a previous SES assignment as deputy commander, Financial Management and Comptroller of the Navy Supply Systems Command, where he was responsible for all financial planning, programming, budgeting, accounting, control and execution of resources and funds associated with a $5 billion budget.

 For that service, he was awarded the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Meritorious Civilian Service Award as well as other recognitions by the Navy, Department of Defense and professional organizations.

 In October 2002, he was assigned the additional responsibility of standing up the Department of the Navy’s e-Business Operation Office, with a mission of exploiting the fast paced advances in business technology for the Navy and to centralize purchase card management throughout the Navy.

 Madden holds the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from The Citadel, the Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and the Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College.

 In 2003, he attended the Kellogg School’s Advanced Executive Program at Northwestern University.

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