Wildlife awareness: Critters could spoil summertime fun

24 May 2007 | Mr. Art Powell

Summertime and the outdoor living is easy, unless you encounter various warm weather hazards aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and throughout southwest Georgia.

Base personnel are reminded that there are snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous, spiders, scorpions, alligators and poison ivy that could turn a simple outdoor event into an unpleasant adventure.

“If anyone finds a snake, don’t try and deal with it yourself. Call us at 639-6261 or 639-5188 and let us take care of it,” said Eddie Parramore, MCLB Albany natural resource manager.

He said most encounters with snakes involve the non-poisonous types, but there have been poisonous snakes found in the housing area.   

The poisonous types of snakes found aboard MCLB Albany, and in the region, are usually water moccasins and rattlesnakes, added Parramore. 

If base personnel encounter one, he said you should stay away from it, keep others away from it (including pets) and call for help.

Snakes may be encountered while walking outside in wooded areas and even on streets after sunset when they seek the warmth of the pavement caused by the hot daytime sun. 

They may also be found at ponds and wetlands aboard the base.

Alligators are another hazard found in lakes and ponds aboard MCLB Albany. Like dealing with snakes, the smart thing to do is stay away from them and, with alligators, never feed them.

Additional summertime hazards include spiders and scorpions. Most are harmless, but others could pose a hazard to people and pets. 

Poison ivy can also be found here and could be a problem for people who are sensitive to it.

“Some people have a problem when they get into poison ivy, and others don’t,” said Parramore.

Anyone who encounters spiders, scorpions or poison ivy should immediately take action to minimize the severity of their reaction to it, including seeking medical advice or help if needed.

Whatever your outdoor plans, remember that you need to keep an eye out for hazards to yourself, children and pets from other things that also enjoy the warm summertime weather.
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany