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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Maintenance Center team recognized for ‘saving lives’

By Mr. Joel C. Guenther | | April 12, 2007

Members of Maintenance Center Albany were acknowledged in a ceremony April 3 by Col. John P. Lopez, assistant chief of staff, G-8, I Marine Expedition Force (Forward),  and former commanding officer of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, for the work they did in designing, fabricating and deploying 53 improvised explosive device rollers. Lopez presented MCA with a Certificate of Appreciation from Maj. Gen. Richard C. Zilmer, commanding general, I MEF (Fwd), and an American Flag that had previously flown over military facilities in Falluja, Iraq.
“We would not have been able to put our product together if it wasn’t for the contracts folks at (Marine Corps Logistics Command),” said Col. Kevin T. McCutcheon, commander, MCA. 

“The roller performed extremely well and any issues we had with the roller were immediately resolved by the Maintenance Center Albany — making corrections on the assembly line,” Lopez noted. He said that they had teleconferences with MCA twice a week so MCA could make corrections right away.

Lopez recalled that the project took only a matter of months from concept through deployment. He said they now call the equipment the “Albany Roller.”

According to materials prepared by MCA on the IED roller’s history, the Marine Corps had a need for the roller when insurgents switched from electronically controlled IEDs to pressure switched IEDs. 

The roller affixes to the front of the lead truck in a convoy and absorbs or redirects the bulk of the energy from an IED explosion, saving the truck, driver and passengers. According to Lopez, it has done just that, saved Marines’ lives.